[On-demand webinar] Taking GG from good to great: Capturing true baseline and discharge status

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Without a full picture, how can you optimize patient outcomes?

Although Section GG is a significant driver for reimbursement, it’s commonly overlooked. We often miss documenting key areas such as baseline, discharge and goal data. You know the saying… “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Join SimpleLTC and Quality Rehab Management (QRM) in this on-demand webinar for a deep dive into Section GG. We’ll cover how to document baseline and discharge data accurately and completely in order to improve quality measures and PDPM performance. 

Industry experts Susan Krall and Megan Ussery will discuss common issues and present real-life examples to help you master Section GG and prepare for the removal of Section G.

[On-demand webinar] Taking GG from good to great: Capturing true baseline and discharge status

Susan Krall, PT, RAC-CT | Chief Strategy Officer, QRM
Megan Ussery, RN, RAC-CT | Clinical Reimbursement Specialist, QRM
Corey Pauley | Director of Product & Software Engineering, SimpleLTC

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What you’ll learn

  • The full intent and weight of accurately capturing and documenting baseline Self Care and Mobility GG admission levels, goals and discharge levels for PDPM, and the five value-based Quality Measure programs GG impacts
  • Obstacles to accurate data gathering and successful implementation solutions to overcome hurdles
  • What CMS is looking for to measure patient outcomes, specifically in regard to GG baseline and discharge data
  • How data available today can enable real-time changes towards accuracy and positive outcomes

About our speakers

Susan Krall is a Physical Therapist with over 30 years of multi-state Post-Acute rehab management experience. Her client base includes privately owned and nationwide for-profit and not-for-profit skilled nursing facilities, and CCRC campuses across the U.S. Currently, Susan’s primary focus with QRM (Quality Rehab Management, CSO) is on partnering with clients to identify and implement strategies which drive enhanced outcomes and patient satisfaction in today’s value-driven/person-centered reimbursement and regulatory environment.  A self-described PDPM ‘enthusiast’, Susan has been fully embedded in PDPM education and training for SNF’s (leadership, staff level, physicians, partners, conferences) this past year and is passionate about seeing a successful transition Oct 1, 2019 for this industry. As a member of AHCA, Leading Age, ACHCA, NASL, and AANAC, Susan is committed to continual learning and collaborative strategic initiatives in an effort to facilitate and support successful navigation through ever-changing and demanding times.

Megan Ussery is a RAC certified RN with over 12 years experience in long term care. Megan began in LTC as a unit manager, advancing rapidly through ADON, to MDS coordinator and Clinical Reimbursement positions where she found her calling. Megan is passionate about the Care Plan Process, identifying and addressing resident needs, partnering with the IDT to ensure optimized clinical outcomes as well as reimbursement. Megan has led programs through the transition to PDPM and is well versed and driven towards success in all of CMS’ quality program initiatives.

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