[On-Demand Webinar] PDPM retooling BC/AC (before COVID and after COVID)

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In the few short months we have operated under PDPM BC (Before COVID), we saw the implementation of collaborative, strategic approaches to patient-driven care with subsequent reimbursement that was optimistically effective. 

Then…COVID, a massive disruption to cohesive anything. As we get a glimmer of our life AC (After COVID), we can clearly see the consequences of the unraveled efforts.

Join SimpleLTC and Quality Rehab Management (QRM) for this on-demand where we’ll re-focus on the critical restoration of PDPM collaboration and its impact to your clinical and operational outcomes.

What you’ll learn

  • Current criteria for capturing PDPM components
  • Trends leading to errors and how you can impact component accuracy
  • Strategies for communication, information gathering and documentation for optimal capture and retention
  • Five key missed opportunities and a plan of action to manage them
  • The real financial impact of your documentation

[On-Demand Webinar] PDPM retooling BC/AC (before COVID & after COVID)

Susan Krall, Chief Strategy Officer, Quality Rehab Management (QRM)

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Susan Krall, Chief Strategy Officer, QRM

Susan Krall is a Physical Therapist with over 30 years of multi-state Post-Acute rehab management experience. Her client base includes privately owned and nationwide for-profit and not-for-profit skilled nursing facilities, and CCRC campuses across the U.S. Currently, Susan’s primary focus with QRM (Quality Rehab Management) is on partnering with clients to identify and implement strategies which drive enhanced outcomes and patient satisfaction in today’s value-driven/person-centered reimbursement and regulatory environment.

Webinar sponsors

  • QRM
  • SimpleLTC

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  1. Looking for copies of those Buzz Sheets that they said would be available at end of Webinar but don’t see them available.

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