Results from our customer survey (and congrats to our winners!)

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Results from our 2017 customer survey (plus our winners!)

We love our customers and we always appreciate their feedback!

At least once a year, we survey our entire customer base for their opinions and feedback on SimpleLTC long-term care software products. Our active customer base has grown quite a bit over the past few years (to about 3,000 facilities and over 17,000 active users), so it’s important that we actively listen when customers tell us what they need.

Our most recent survey went out to all our individual users just a few weeks ago, and we appreciate everyone who responded and provided specific feedback. We always take this information to heart and will use it to continue to improve our software products to help simplify the complex world of long-term care.

The results

The great news is that when we ask for feedback, our customers love to give it and we always learn a lot. So we thought we’d share a summary of the results of our most recent customer survey:

  • 96% say SimpleLTC products meet their organization’s overall needs
  • 95% say the products are easy to learn and use
  • 94% would recommend us to friends and colleagues in the industry
  • 93% say they are satisfied overall with our products and customer support
  • 75% rate us better than other software companies in the industry

While these are overall very positive results, no company is perfect and we know we still have work to do to meet our customers’ high expectations for long-term care software. Most of the requests for improvement had to do with needs for additional product training and support. We’ll be focusing on these areas in coming months as we plan for new processes and employee hires.

What customers are saying

We received many, many comments from customers, and most of them had to do with how they love that our products are easy to learn, and that they provide analytical insight into MDS accuracy, readmissions, rehospitalizations, reimbursements, and quality measures.

Here are a few examples of customer comments:

“SimpleLTC is simply awesome! This software truly simplifies my work life! S-Simple, I-Innovative, M-Multitasking, P-Productive, L-Learning, E-Ease of use and Excellent product!”
“SimpleLTC is the very best program for LTC — I cannot imagine my life as an MDS Coordinator without its tools and resources.”
“I wish we had started using SimpleLTC long before we did.”
“I love using SimpleLTC for my LTCMIs and getting info off the MESAVs. It’s easy and I’m able to get the info I need. Technical staff have always been very helpful with any problem I have. Thanks!!!”
“I’ve found SimpleLTC staff to be both knowledgeable and professional. They were prompt in their response to any question/problem I had.”
“Been using this product since its inception, love it.”
“I’ve used [other systems] in the past but no longer. I am thoroughly pleased with SimpleLTC.”

Congrats to our winners!

Every customer who responded to the survey was entered into a drawing for one of five $100 Target gift cards. Congrats to our lucky winners. The gift cards are already in the mail.

  • Shirley G.
  • Corina M.
  • Deborah S.
  • Richard C.
  • Shawn D.

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