COVID-19 vaccination education webinar for Certified Nursing Assistants: December 16, 2020

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My apologies for this last-minute notification, but you’ll want to take a look at this and provide access to your CNAs if possible.

This educational webinar is hosted by the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) and AMDA. CNAs and other frontline staff will learn about COVID-19 in LTC and the COVID-19 vaccine. An interactive Q&A with attendees and panelists will follow the webinar.

This webinar is designed for CNAs and other frontline staff and its panelists include 8 career CNAs, physicians from AMDA, and Lori Porter from NAHCA.

Topics will include:

– COVID-19 Vaccine (what is it, how was it made, how was it tested, etc.)

– Definition of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

– Where to get accurate information about the vaccine

– Interactive Q&A between CNA panelists, AMDA representatives, and attendees

5 Comments on “COVID-19 vaccination education webinar for Certified Nursing Assistants: December 16, 2020”

    1. Hello Marie. There are many opportunities for you in the U.S. I encourage you to check with the Board of Nursing in the state you live in regarding your RN status. You can also contact any LTC facility in your area about CNA opportunities. LTC facilities in particular would welcome your talents plus there is currently a waiver re: CNA training. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find a position! Thank you for your note. Take care.

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