[On-Demand Webinar] COVID-19 reporting fines: How to keep CMS out of your wallet

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Most SNFs don’t know they’ve been fined — are you one of them?

Last year, CMS enacted sweeping new requirements for COVID-19 reporting by nursing homes, including the threat of hefty fines for failure to comply. CMS has followed through on its promise, issuing more than $8 million in COVID-19 reporting fines to date, with the month of March 2021 alone seeing a 400% uptick in fines.

Perhaps the biggest problem: Most LTC providers are not even aware they have been fined. And many don’t understand the CMS “Impose” process or their rights for payment or appeal. In this timely webinar, we explore trends in the data and review each type of letter you might receive from CMS, as well as explain how to remain in compliance with F-tag F884 and avoid CMS fines, and discuss how the appeals process works, in case your facility gets hit with a fine.

[Live webinar] COVID-19 reporting fines: How to keep CMS out of your wallet

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What you’ll learn

  • NHSN COVID-19 reporting requirements and non-compliance penalties
  • The various types of fine letters and what each means
  • Which CMS CASPER reports are related to COVID-19 reporting
  • How the fine appeals process works
  • How to comply with F884 and avoid CMS fines

Who should attend

  • LTC Administrators
  • Facility team members responsible for compiling/submitting NHSN data
  • Infection Preventionists

After the presentation, attendees will be able to

  • State at least two key compliance requirements of the F884 F-tag
  • Describe where and how often to check for a potential CMS Impose letter
  • Discuss the appeal process in response to an Impose letter
  • Locate NHSN LTCF reporting resources

About your speakers

Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP
LTC/Senior Care Clinical Consultant, Briggs Healthcare

Mary is a registered nurse with 45+ years of healthcare experience, including 40 years in long-term care. She has conducted thousands of MDS and clinical training sessions over the past two decades.


Jason Jones
Chief Technology Officer, SimpleLTC

Jason Jones oversees product and technology strategy for SimpleLTC, a provider of analytics and workflow software for over 4,500 long-term care facilities. As a recognized expert in healthcare data analytics, Jason has presented in numerous national forums.


Brandon Geiger
CEO, EasyReporting

Brandon is a seasoned technology expert with two decades of experience in healthcare software design. His team has built EasyReporting, which is designed to simplify and improve daily COVID-19 reporting requirements.

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