Concerned about the QRP deadline? This can help…

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As you’re no doubt aware by now, CMS has mandated that by June 1, 2017, 80% of submitted MDS assessments must include all the data necessary to calculate these three Quality Measures:

  • Major falls
  • Pressure ulcers that are new or worsened
  • Functional assessments with a care plan

With only a few days remaining until the deadline, some providers are getting nervous. The good news, however, is that providers have the ability to modify assessments up until June 1, 2017.

How to find missing discharge goals

Failure to include at least one discharge goal could result in insufficient data to calculate the care plan QM and lead to a 2% reduction in annual payment update. One of the major questions providers have is how to identify which assessments are missing discharge goals.

To do that you can run a “MDS 3.0 Assessments with Error Number” CASPER report for the error code -3863. This report will point you to any assessments that are missing at least one discharge goal in Section GG.  Modify assessments that flag on this report as necessary.

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3 Comments on “Concerned about the QRP deadline? This can help…”

  1. This will only shows the Section GG goal report right? How about the other items included in QRP – falls, skin?

    1. Hi Alvin — That’s correct. Currently there is no CMS report or error message that gives insight into omitted information for falls and skin QMs. Apparently QTSO is creating a new report to help with that information, but it won’t be available until June 1. In the meantime, the above process is the only simple way we can recommend for meeting the QRP deadline requirements for Section GG.

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