[On-demand] Data Defenders: How to represent your MDS & facility data in the courtroom

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“Document everything.” We’ve all heard this advice, but what lies behind this skilled nursing mantra?

In legal cases, plaintiff attorneys and other external stakeholders could use your publicly available data to support allegations against your facility and coworkers. Anyone who manages facility data — from MDS professionals to DONs to Administrators — may be called on to testify or defend your documentation.

To effectively respond to litigation, facilities need a defensible, data-driven response. That’s why accuracy and thoroughness in documentation is critical. Sloppy data may come back to haunt you, and courtroom drama is best left to your favorite TV show.

What you say (and what you document) CAN be used against you – or in your favor. In this webinar, you'll hear real-world nursing home legal cases and data defense strategies. You’ll also leave with practical suggestions to increase trust and mitigate risk at your facility.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify data and metrics often used and misunderstood by external stakeholders
  • Real-world cases where data was weaponized and effective data-driven responses to those allegations
  • Effective risk mitigation strategies for your publicly available data

Intended for:

  • MDS Coordinators, DONs and Administrators
  • Facility/Corporate Risk Managers
  • Anyone responsible for SNF data integrity

[Webinar] Data Defenders

How to represent your MDS & facility data in the courtroom

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Your speakers

Steven Littlehale
Chief Innovation Officer — Zimmet Healthcare Services, LLC

Steven brings a career spanning more than 30 years ranging from direct nursing care to education, research and analytics, quality assurance/improvement, and consulting. He has a BS in nursing from the University of Vermont and an MS in nursing from Georgetown University. An internationally-known author and speaker on a broad range of health care and post-acute care topics, Steven’s ability to synthesize complex information to inspire strategic and tactical excellence has been the hallmark of his career and has established his renowned reputation as a highly effective and motivating lecturer.

Steven is a gerontological clinical specialist, whose greatest professional joy is to celebrate those who share his passion for quality care for our nation’s elders.

Drew Graham
Attorney — Hall Booth Smith, P.C.

Drew Graham started his practice with Hall Booth Smith, P.C. in 1992, developing expertise in traditional medical and professional negligence. In 1996, Mr. Graham created the firm’s Aging Services Practice Group in response to industry demand for specialist attorneys in the evolving area of healthcare litigation. The group has grown to include over 40 attorneys, each with an in-depth appreciation of the industry.

Mr. Graham is frequently called to assist with the management of batch claims, complex discovery, and trial. He works with counsel across the country on developing strategies to address damages in all types of medical cases. Mr. Graham is a frequent speaker at industry and legal meetings. He is peer rated AV by Martindale Hubbell.