PDPM analytics for skilled nursing


Master PDPM with powerful, predictive analytics

Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) represented the single largest change in the skilled nursing industry since the transition to MDS 3.0.

When the change took effect Oct. 1, SNFs saw a significant change in how they are reimbursed for delivering resident care. Leading up to the change, providers were scrambling to understand how to adjust their MDS workflow and optimize their clinical data.

That’s why we’ve created a powerful array of predictive PDPM tools within SimpleAnalyzer™. Thousands of SNFs already trusted SimpleAnalyzer as a critical component of their reimbursement and clinical strategy. With its robust PDPM predictive analytics, you can optimize your PDPM processes and worklow.

With SimpleAnalyzer for PDPM, you can forecast and track PDPM reimbursement levels over time, optimize primary diagnoses by resident or facility, predict and track CMI trends, proactively spot and eliminate negative trends and more.

With SimpleAnalyzer for PDPM, you can:

  • Forecast PDPM reimbursement
  • Gauge PDPM impact by facility and resident
  • Create a PDPM-centric workflow
  • Optimize ICD-10 coding practices
  • Proactively avoid audits
  • Track and optimize IPAs
  • Customize PDPM rules by facility

Forecast and optimize PDPM reimbursement

Predict reimbursement levels for each of the five case-mix classification groups (nursing, NTA, etc.) by population. Analyze trends over time and optimize your workflow processes to increase PDPM revenue.
PDPM revenue forecast in SimpleAnalyzer

Predict PDPM performance by resident/facility

View primary diagnoses, default clinical category, and case-mix index rates for every resident. SimpleAnalyzer™ flags residents missing valid primary diagnoses so you can proactively identify and fix errors to maximize PDPM reimbursement potential.
PDPM valid primary diagnosis in SimpleAnalyzer

Compare PDPM impact across facilities

Easily compare performance across your organization to identify facilities that need immediate attention. View residents with invalid primary diagnoses and average case-mix index rates for each facility. Explore your current MDS data to highlight areas of clinical complexity and exposure to risk.
Revenue forecast by facility in SimpleAnalyzer

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Optimize ICD-10 coding practices

Easily scan for valid primary diagnoses and associated clinical categories, NTA and SLP comorbidities, and surgical eligibility diagnoses. Analyze primary and active diagnoses to ensure clinical compliance and optimize PDPM reimbursement.
PDPM diagnosis explorer in SimpleAnalyzer

Identify active/billable diagnoses by resident

Monitor multiple clinical categories by resident and facility. Zero in on invalid primary diagnoses, then review active diagnoses by individual resident stay. Quickly identify invalid or inaccurate diagnoses that lead to missed billable opportunities.
Monitor active PDPM diagnoses by resident

Customize PDPM scrubber rules

Activate PDPM rules based on your organization’s specific needs. Support MDS and reimbursement personnel by automating PDPM alerts and workflow. Create a streamlined workflow that enables accurate and optimal PDPM reimbursement.
PDPM scrubber rules in SimpleAnalyzer

SimpleAnalyzer™ for PDPM

Maximize your PDPM results with SimpleAnalyzer™