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Optimize your facility’s reimbursement and outcomes…simply

Serving thousand of skilled nursing facilities nationwide, SimpleLTC offers a complete analytics solution for optimizing Five-Star and PDPM performance.

Our affordable software suite includes an interactive Five-Star planner, real-time quality measures, survey reports, PDPM analytics/benchmarking, PBJ reporting and compliance, and much more.

Easily see your opportunities in real time to maximize financial and clinical outcomes. Simplify MDS and PBJ workflow with pre-transmission scrubbing, and post-validation
analytics, all in one place.

Enhance Five-Star performance

Test how potential changes to your current performance for the star rating domains (Quality, Health Inspection, Staffing) can affect your overall Five-Star rating. Leverage the SimpleLTC Five-Star toolkit to dive deeper into each component of your Five-Star rating.


  • Forecast your quality rating and run “what if” scenarios.
  • Easily spot opportunities with colorful alerts to help increase star rating and improve quality of care.

    Health Inspection

    • Predict the impact of a new survey score on your star rating and analyze reported deficiencies from last 3 survey cycles.
    • Quickly identify residents at risk for being included in the survey pool.


    • Scrub your PBJ report and submit directly to CMS.
    • Predict Five-Star staffing rating, and forecast the cost impact of staffing level changes to optimize star rating performance.

    Optimize reimbursement


    • Optimize your ICD-10 coding, and scrub for potential
      PDPM reimbursement opportunities.
    • Easily view your PDPM data. Benchmark and forecast its
      financial impact.
    • Run 5-day assessments through the PDPM Grouper to
      test reimbursement scenarios.

    State quality incentive programs

    • Maximize state quality incentive payment performance.
    • See state-specific metrics and spot opportunities for
      rapid improvement.
    • Available for California, Florida, Ohio, and Texas.

    Simplify PBJ reporting

    Assemble PBJ report

    • Import and convert all staffing files for PBJ reporting.
    • Easily add/update missing data.
    • Create an audit trail of changes.

    Validate PBJ data

    • Verify PBJ accuracy before submitting to CMS.
    • Readily drill into flags for quick resolution of file issues.
    • Scrub for potential PBJ file irregularities, audit triggers,
      F-tags, etc.

      Predict Staffing Five-Star

      • See what CMS sees before you submit your PBJ report.
      • Predict your Staffing Five-Star rating.
      • Run “what if” scenarios to test staffing level changes.

      Submit PBJ report

      • Receive notifications of successful PBJ submission.
      • Maintain your PBJ historical archive for easy auditing.
      • Create your PBJ XML file and submit to CMS with a single

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