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Inside Washington’s latest nursing home regulatory push: Forensic abuse analysis, potential ownership scrutiny

Skilled Nursing News (12/12/2019) – If Sen. Chuck Grassley has his way, a new oversight bill for nursing homes will be introduced this month — one that reauthorizes the Elder Justice Act and sets up new funding for various programs in the 2010 law, passed as part of the Affordable Care Act. Full story »

Nursing home oversight bill expected by the end of the year

McKnight's (12/11/2019) – Nursing home operators could be subject to tougher surveys and more scrutiny as lawmakers prepare to present legislation that targets nursing home oversight. Full story »

Is this Alzheimer’s drug a breakthrough for millions? Company unveils mixed results

USA Today (12/06/2019) – A pharmaceutical company that discontinued two late-stage studies of an Alzheimer's drug earlier this year shared new data Thursday explaining how high doses of the experimental medication might slow decline in patients. Full story »

Tick, tock: How stress speeds up your chromosomes’ aging clock

Medical Xpress (12/05/2019) – Ageing is an inevitability for all living organisms, and although we still don't know exactly why our bodies gradually grow ever more decrepit, we are starting to grasp how it happens. Full story »

Man with dementia beaten by workers at Milwaukee care center, family says

NBC 12 (12/01/2019) – The family of a 67-year-old man with dementia is speaking out after they say their loved one suffered head trauma and broken ribs at the hands of workers at his Milwaukee care facility. Willie Hampton, 67, has been in the hospital since Nov. 11. His family alleges their worst nightmare has happened, claiming workers at Heavenly Hands Park Jabez Living Center in Milwaukee beat the 67-year-old, who has dementia, multiple times. Full story »

Some nursing homes are illegally evicting elderly and disabled residents who can’t afford to pay

NBC News (11/26/2019) – When Jamie Moore arrived home on a Thursday evening in March, she was surprised to find her mother-in-law in her living room. Glenda Moore, 67, had been sitting in her wheelchair for hours. Without anyone to help her to the bathroom, she’d had an accident. She was also having trouble breathing. “It was awful,” Jamie Moore recalled. Full story »

Illiterate people may be three times more likely to develop dementia

Psych Central (11/24/2019) – Those who are illiterate may have nearly three times greater risk of developing dementia than people who can read and write, according to a new study published in the journal Neurology. Full story »

Obesity, other factors may speed up brain aging

Medical Xpress (11/21/2019) – The brains of middle-age adults may be aging prematurely if they have obesity or other factors linked to cardiovascular disease, new research has found. Full story »

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