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Should you put a camera in your loved one’s nursing home room?

NextAvenue (06/22/2018) – At some point during her stay in the memory care wing of a large, long-term facility in Hamilton Township, N.J., Marie Tykarski started to complain of pain. Getting to the bottom of what happened — understanding how and why she got hurt — took time. Full story »

Residents receive roast accidentally seasoned with toxic hand cleaner

Global Saskatoon Evening News (06/20/2018) – The Saskatchewan Health Authority is reviewing policies and procedures after a number of long-term care residents were knowingly served a beef roast that had been seasoned in toxic hand cleaner. Full story »

Meet the glamorous grandmas of Instagram

New York Times (06/21/2018) – The subversive cadre of women over 60 prove that “old” is not what it used to be. Full story »

Alzheimer’s disease may be triggered by herpes virus, scientists suspect

The Telegraph (06/21/2018) – Alzheimer’s disease may be triggered by the herpes virus, a new study suggests, leading to hopes that antiviral medication could help prevent dementia. Full story »

Look-up: Compare nursing homes’ track records on boomerang hospitalizations

Kaiser Health News (06/12/2018) – Use this tool to see how skilled nursing homes in the U.S. performed on two metrics of quality. Full story »

Skilled nursing stocks get boost from new payment model

Skilled Nursing News (06/19/2018) – Even as operators and investors sort out the implications of the new proposed skilled nursing payment model, one reviewer has given it a firm thumbs up so far: the stock market. Full story »

What millennials want the government to do about long-term care

Forbes (06/19/2018) – “What’s wrong with young people today?” may be a time-honored trope that millennials are now saddled with, but I think it should be banned from popular discourse after studying the public policy implications of two recent reports on millennial caregivers. That’s right: Millennial caregivers. Full story »

$6,000 pay gap persists between men and women nurses

McKnight's (06/19/2018) – A stubborn pay gap continues between male and female nurses, despite the fact that women continue to dominate the ranks of the profession, according to new research. Full story »

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