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Possible missing link in Alzheimer’s pathology identified

Scientific American (01/16/2020) – Alzheimer's disease has long been characterized by the buildup of two distinct proteins in the brain: first beta-amyloid, which accumulates in clumps, or plaques, and then tau, which forms toxic tangles that lead to cell death. But how beta-amyloid leads to the devastation of tau has never been precisely clear. Now a new study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham appears to describe that missing mechanism. Full story »

How tech is catering to the elderly and caregivers

Venture Beat (01/13/2020) – At CES 2020, tech’s biggest trade show, it was heartening to see that the tech industry is paying attention to the needs of the elderly and the younger people who provide care for the elderly. Full story »

How skilled nursing facilities can reduce short-term stay rehabilitation times

McKnight's (01/15/2020) – Short-term stay or respite care offers a great solution for seniors who are recovering from a hospital visit, surgery or other medical issue. Full story »

A neuroscientist lays out the keys to aging well

PBS News Hour (01/11/2020) – As a neuroscientist, professor emeritus of psychology, musician and best-selling author, Daniel Levitin has extensively studied the brain and its impact on aging. Full story »

CMS asking providers: How can we eliminate Medicare regulations?

McKnight's (01/08/2020) – Providers are gearing up to take advantage of a federal request that could cut regulations they find burdensome. Full story »

49% of Americans are concerned about developing Alzheimer’s Disease

YouGov (01/08/2020) – Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia have touched many Americans. That includes people who have never personally had degenerative brain disorders but provide caretaker assistance to a family member with dementia. Full story »

Residents with Alzheimer’s prefer emotionally meaningful pursuits, study finds

McKnight's (01/07/2020) – Residents with Alzheimer’s disease prefer emotionally meaningful, familiar pursuits over task-oriented activities, a new study finds. Full story »

Where you live could affect your chances of developing dementia

U.S. News & World Report (01/06/2020) – Living in a disadvantaged community may raise the risk that older adults will lose brain volume as they age – a process closely tied to cognitive decline and dementia, a new study suggests. Full story »

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