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Social activity in your 60s may lower dementia risk by 12%

Medical News Today (08/15/2019) – New research over a 28-year follow-up period finds significant evidence that frequent social contact at the age of 60 can lower the risk of developing dementia later on. Full story »

Rethinking the approach to fighting Alzheimer’s disease

Medical News Today (08/14/2019) – The idea of seeing a loved one decline and lose their ability to recall their most treasured memories is devastating. However, it is a fact of life for an increasing number of Canadians. A group of experts on population health convened by the Alzheimer Society of Canada in 2015 estimated that nearly one million Canadians will have Alzheimer's disease in 2031. Full story »

Nursing home workers accused of taunting 91-year-old woman with dementia in Snapchat video

CBS News (08/12/2019) – When a family places their loved one in a nursing home, they trust the person will be treated with respect and care. However, the family of dementia patient Margaret Collins alleges the 91-year-old was instead taunted by the very staffers who were supposed to be looking out for her, reports CBS Chicago. Full story »

Most seniors with dementia live at home, despite pain, anxiety, poor health

Medical Xpress (08/07/2019) – Contrary to popular belief, most older Americans with advancing dementia remain in their own homes—many until they die. But a new study by researchers at UC San Francisco has revealed that this population may endure more pain and have more complex or unaddressed medical needs than their counterparts in nursing homes. Full story »

The secret to slowing down aging? Tickling, a new study suggests

USA Today (08/04/2019) – A new study from the University of Leeds suggests that tickling could be the secret to slowing down aging. This tickling is not the kind of tickling that results in spastic body movements and laughter. It's a different kind: Ear tickling. Full story »

Normal brain vs. brain with dementia

U.S. News & World Report (08/02/2019) – You don't need to be a brain specialist to notice certain differences in images of a healthy older person's brain compared to that of someone with dementia. Narrowed, depleted folds on the brain's surface, the presence of blotchy plaques, twisted fibers and significant shrinkage are clearly visible. What you can't see is how brain changes like these affect how people's minds work. Full story »

Can scientists find the formula for ‘better aging?’

Medical News Today (07/30/2019) – Some researchers hope to find the secret of keeping old age at bay and enjoying eternal youth instead. However, a team of scientists from Southern California is looking for a different "recipe" — that of better aging. Full story »

Webcams in nursing home rooms may deter elder abuse

Medical Xpress (07/25/2019) – Mary Ann Papp's daughter Lisa was worried about her 75-year-old mother. A foot infection seemed to be going untreated, leading Lisa to fear that her mother's nursing home wasn't providing proper care. Full story »

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