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Start-up helps nursing home residents see the world

Williamsport Sun-Gazette (10/20/2019) – Jim Halsey, 83, has traveled in his life to Japan and South Korea, through Europe and Central America. One recent day, he squatted in a narrow, wooden boat and watched as an elephant trudged through a swamp in Botswana. Full story »

3 women accused of running elder fight club among dementia patients in North Carolina

NBC News (10/15/2019) – Three women in North Carolina are accused of running a fight club among elderly people with dementia at an assisted living facility, police and state health officials say. Full story »

How fast are you aging? Midlife walking speed may show state of brain and body

Today (10/14/2019) – Slow walkers beware: A sluggish pace can already signal “accelerated aging” in adults in their 40s, while those who naturally walk more briskly may have younger brains and bodies, a new study has found. Full story »

Change in memory test scoring could help catch Alzheimer’s earlier in women

NBC News (10/09/2019) – Women may be more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease, but men are typically diagnosed at earlier stages, when symptoms are mild. By tweaking memory tests a little, more women might be caught at an early stage of the disease, when they can benefit from treatment, a study suggests. Full story »

2 ex-nursing home workers in Chicago allegedly bilked 98-year-old out of over $700,000

NBC News (10/08/2019) – Two former Chicago nursing home workers have been charged with bilking a 98-year-old woman with dementia out of more than $700,000. Full story »

States focus on rise of elderly populations

U.S. News & World Report (10/01/2019) – THE AGING U.S. population is perhaps the most seismic demographic shift business leaders, state legislatures and health care providers will face in the next few decades, yet there aren't many one-size-fits-all options for catering to an increasingly elderly America. Full story »

95% of people think they could develop dementia with age

Medical News Today (09/30/2019) – A global study on attitudes toward dementia has shown that two-thirds of people believe it to be a natural risk of getting older, which could be limiting the help that people seek. Full story »

Truly smart homes could help dementia patients live independently

Medical Xpress (09/25/2019) – You might already have what's often called a "smart home," with your lights or music connected to voice-controlled technology such as Alexa or Siri. But when researchers talk about smart homes, we usually mean technologies that use artificial intelligence to learn your habits and automatically adjust your home in response to them. Perhaps the most obvious example of this are thermostats that learn when you are likely to be home and what temperature you prefer, and adjust themselves accordingly without you needing to change the settings. Full story »

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