Maximize California WQIP performance and payments

with predictive analytics from SimpleLTC

Attention California SNFs:
The new Workforce Quality Incentive Program (WQIP) in California replaces QASP beginning in 2023

Did you know your Quality Measure performance from 2022 is already impacting your current WQIP score? And that your Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data will also affect your overall WQIP reimbursement rate? This means that understanding the new WQIP details, data sources, and measurement timelines is more important than ever.

With SimpleAnalyzer™ WQIP analytics, you can:

  • Predict WQIP incentive payments
  • Analyze individual QM performance
  • Pinpoint areas for rapid improvement
  • Drill down to resident-level QM data

The SimpleAnalyzer™ California WQIP analytics module displays predictive insights within your QM data from MDS submissions in real time, so you can accurately forecast incentive payouts & proactively identify opportunities for optimizing WQIP reimbursement.

When combined with the power of SimpleAnalyzer™ and SimplePBJ™, California SNFs now have everything needed for WQIP success. Sign up for your free demo today!

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