New SimpleAnalyzer™ Function Scores report drives dramatically improved resident outcomes

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Are you aware that CMS calculates functional outcomes scores immediately upon submission of a resident's 5-day assessment? Did you know that SimpleLTC uses machine learning algorithms to present those scores in real-time? 

The new SimpleAnalyzer™ Function Scores report provides insight into residents’ admission, expected, and discharge scores within minutes of MDS transmission, allowing you to plan for success by comparing actual performance against expected goals and identifying gaps in care based on past performance.

With the Function Scores report, you can:

  • Identify low-performing facilities and pinpoint negative discharge trends
  • Compare your facility's performance against industry benchmarks
  • Easily spot high-risk residents and adjust care plans accordingly
  • Drill down to each resident's GG discharge goals vs. actual performance

To locate the new report, go to Analytics tab > Clinical subtab > Function Scores. Using the Function Scores report daily, and keeping track of facility performance over time, you’ll have real-time insight to proactively impact patient satisfaction, safe transitions, and quality metrics.

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If you have questions about the Function Scores report, please contact our Support Team. We appreciate your feedback, which helps us continue to provide the best and simplest analytics tools in the industry.

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