On-demand webinar: Texas MCO Prior Authorizations

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Free webinar: Texas Medicaid MCO Prior Authorizations

There’s a new Texas MCO Prior Authorization form…here’s what you need to know

Texas Medicaid Managed Care continues to pose new challenges to long-term care providers. Beginning Sept. 1, 2015, all MCOs must accept the new standardized Texas MCO Prior Authorization form from long-term care providers (instructions for the form can be found here).

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how the changes may affect your workflow and reimbursement, plus how SimpleLTC is working to automate the process. Our special guest speaker is Kelly Roberts-Treta, VP of Reimbursement/Ancillary Services at Creative Solutions. Jason Jones, SimpleLTC Chief Technology Officer, also provides an update on product changes for Texas customers.

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What you’ll learn

  • Details of the new Standard Prior Auth Form
  • Details of the MMP Prior Auth process
  • Using the MCO Prior Auth Crosswalk to streamline information
  • The various MMP Service Plan codes on MESAV
  • How to create Prior Auth forms in SimpleCFS™

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