CMS makes significant change to coding J2000 – Prior Surgery

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Attention MDS Coordinators: Be sure you and your staff are aware of this significant change to MDS 3.0 coding for J2000 – Prior Surgery.

Immediately after releasing the new MDS 3.0 Item Set on Oct. 1, CMS posted a five-page errata document providing notification of a significant MDS 3.0 change for coding J2000 – Prior Surgery.

Prior to the errata document, the October 2018 RAI Manual spoke to the requirement for three conditions to be met in order to code “1. Yes” to resident had major surgery during the 100 days prior to admission. Those requirements were:

  1. the resident was an inpatient in an acute care hospital for at least one day in the 100 days prior to admission to the skilled nursing facility (SNF),
  2. the resident had general anesthesia during the procedure, and
  3. the surgery carried some degree of risk to the resident’s life or the potential for severe disability.

The new errata document changes that. Now there are only two conditions for coding J2000.  

Last week, Mary Madison, Clinical Consultant with Briggs Healthcare, released a blog notifying SNF/LTC providers that the criteria for general anesthesia during surgery has been removed as one of the conditions to code “1. Yes” for this item on a 5-day PPS assessment.

Please be sure to notify all MDS staff at your organization of this change.

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