Leverage collective intelligence to optimize UB-04 and MDS processes using SimpleAnalyzer™

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SimpleLTC announced some exciting news today at the 2013 American Health Care Association (AHCA) conference.

Our latest tool for helping to simplify the business of long-term care is SimpleAnalyzer™, a cloud-based software product for optimizing and “scrubbing” UB and MDS data. SimpleAnalyzer™ audits both clinical UB-04 files and MDS 3.0 assessments, helping providers maintain regulatory compliance, reduce audit risk and optimize reimbursement.

Like all the tools we create, we worked hard to make this one simple, powerful and unique. We think it stands out because it’s:

  • Simple and intuitive – It helps you get just the information you need to optimize your MDS and UB-04 data without “information overload”
  • Easy to fit into your workflow – Now you can manage MDS/UB-04 analysis as a logical step within your current processes.
  • Affordable – There’s no need to pay for an expensive system with features you don’t need and won’t use.
  • Customizable – You can build your own rules or modify existing ones to fit your exact needs.
  • Based on collective intelligence – Leverage the expertise of clinical and reimbursement experts across the country.

This last point is one of the truly unique features of SimpleAnalyzer. Why? Because it means that providers can now access the collective expertise of potentially thousands of reimbursement and clinical experts across the entire user base of more than 2,000 SimpleLTC customers.

For example, when new rules are created by a reimbursement expert in Maine, they are stored in a shared rules library accessible by all users. An MDS analyst in California then can review those rules and decide to use some or all of them, or modify them fit to her needs. This ongoing process creates an ever-growing resource to help all users achieve continual improvement in UB-04 and MDS outcomes.

We’ll be demonstrating SimpleAnalyzer™ this week at booth 833 at the American Health Care Association (AHCA) conference and again during LeadingAge from Oct. 28-30 at booth 2615.

For more information and to sign up for a free 30-day trial, please visit www.simpleltc.com/simpleanalyzer.

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