Collective intelligence will change your job: Learn how at LeadingAge

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You know that today, Netflix and Amazon recommend purchases to you based on your shopping history and the feedback of thousands of other consumers.

You also know that Facebook, LinkedIn and other social tools combine the knowledge of users around the world help people connect socially and professionally.

Now, imagine a future where:

  • Long-term care reimbursement and resident care are improved through big data and the input of thousands of long-term care professionals around the world.
  • Your job is made easier and more fulfilling by easily exchanging knowledge with others who do exactly what you do.
  • Technology and data tools, rather than getting in your way, actually improve the way you make decisions, manage MDS analysis and UB-04 analysis, and more.

Sound like a distant dream? It’s not, and it’s coming sooner than you think.

At the upcoming 2013 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo, Oct. 27-30 in Dallas, SimpleLTC Chief Technology Officer Jason Jones will present, “Collective Intelligence and the Future of Long-Term Care”.

As part of Ignite Leading Age, this eye-opening session will examine the exciting trend toward collective intelligence in healthcare. With the help of emerging technology, we now have the ability to become better at our jobs together without waiting for big companies to invent the future.

The question is: Will long-term care benefit or miss out?

The session takes place Oct. 28 at 1:30pm in the Ignite Pavilion on the Expo floor. If you’ll be at LeadingAge this year, be sure to catch it.

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