3 ways to prepare now for Texas STAR+PLUS Managed Care

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SimpleLTC prepares for Texas STAR+PLUS Managed Care

A couple of things have become very apparent over the last few weeks in Texas Medicaid:

  1. The Mar. 1 implementation of Texas STAR+PLUS Managed Care is looming scarily on the horizon.
  2. Many Texas providers are not yet ready for this significant shift in the reimbursement landscape.

This was very clear when SimpleLTC and Texas Medicaid Coalition (TMC) hosted a recent training webinar to help facilities prepare for the coming changes. More than 700 attendees participated in the webinar, representing a majority of Texas facilities.

While there were many educated and detailed questions posed to our presenters, there were also very basic questions like:

  • “What is an MCO?”
  • “How will this change affect my facility?”

Despite the efforts of DADS and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to educate providers about the STAR+PLUS expansion, many Texas long-term care providers obviously do not yet understand the significance of this change.

Are you scratching your head about the meaning of STAR+PLUS for your facility? Here are three things you should do now to prepare for the changes:

1) Educate yourself using DADS resources

On Dec. 15, DADS issued a provider alert regarding the STAR+PLUS nursing facility carve-in, which has helpful links to their resources, plus a new education video for nursing homes.

  • Online resources: Including introductory and enrollment letters, comparison charts and FAQs
  • Overview video: STAR+PLUS Nursing Home Update

2) Watch our free webinar on preparing for STAR+PLUS

On Dec. 11, SimpleLTC and Texas Medicaid Coalition presented a one-hour webinar for Texas facilities on this important topic. We’re now making it available here free of charge.

This webinar covers the basics of Texas Managed Care, including the history of the MCO carve-in for nursing facilities, as well as what you need to know about enrollment opportunities for your facility. There are also helpful tips for determining the Service Coordinator’s role in the facility, how to identify HHSC/MCO resources for information, and much more.

3) Join the Texas Medicaid Coalition

One of the organizations making a difference in the world of Texas long-term care is the Texas Medicaid Coalition (TMC). When it comes to giving providers a voice with HHSC and the OIG, TMC has made fantastic strides in a very short time since their founding less than two years ago.

By joining TMC (membership is currently FREE), you’ll not only be adding your voice to their efforts to lead change, you’ll benefit from lots of in-depth information, monthly conference calls and member forums.

So don’t wait to finalize your facility’s preparations for STAR+PLUS… Mar. 1 is closer than you think!

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