We’re listening: Top 4 takeaways from the SimpleLTC customer survey

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At SimpleLTC, we love our customers. And we can’t speak for other software companies, but we truly enjoy the process of working with customers to create the long-term care software tools they need to simplify their MDS workflow and improve Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

And when customers tell us what they like and what they don’t, we listen. So when we asked customers to complete a customer survey earlier this year, we were hoping a large number would respond.

Did they ever! Here are four key things we learned…

1) Our customers are eager to provide feedback

We received 1,275 total responses, which, in terms of percentages, is more than double the amount most companies hope for in a survey. So not only were SimpleLTC customers eager to respond, they gave us very detailed information about how our software simplifies their lives and daily workflow.

2) Customers are very happy overall

They said some very nice things about our products and company, which you can read here. And statistically, customers are pretty happy with their SimpleLTC products:

  • 93% are very likely or somewhat likely to recommend us to friends/colleagues.
  • 92% are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their SimpleLTC products.
  • 80% rank us as much better or somewhat better than other software companies.

3) But we still have work to do

Although customers are mostly satisfied, we’re not a perfect company and the survey highlighted some areas that need attention, which we have already begun to work on. The top request we received, for example, was for more customer training options so we’ve been working on new training tools and customer support options, for both new and advanced users.

4) There’s one issue customers care about over all others

If there’s one clear theme that came out of the survey results, it’s this: customers love our products’ simplicity and ease of use. And they want us to continue making the products even easier to understand and use.

So all this detailed customer feedback serves as a clear reminder that we need to continue working hard to simplify long-term care software and data management. Of course that’s easier said than done, and with a constantly changing industry the target is always moving. But we’ll continue to work closely with them to make usability and workflow better for everyone.

We think we have the best customers a software company could have. Their feedback and suggestions on product enhancements will help keep us focused on the goal: simplifying the complicated processes of long-term care Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

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