[On-demand] PBJ Quarterly Webinar – Q1 2023 Edition

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New turnover measures are in place - are you ready for the Feb 14 deadline?

It’s almost that time again! Payroll-Based Journal reporting for Q1 2023 (reporting period Oct 1-Dec 31) is due to CMS by Tuesday, Feb 14.

Learn to protect your overall Five-Star rating and how your PBJ data will be used in the new survey guidance. Plus, get your specific PBJ questions answered, so you can feel prepared for the Feb 14 deadline.

[Quarterly PBJ Webinar] Q1 2023 Edition

Get ready for the Feb 14th deadline!

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About your experts

Nate Hoard is the Senior PBJ Specialist for SimpleLTC. For over a decade, Nate headed up SimpleLTC’s client support team. He now brings his product and industry expertise to the Payroll-Based Journal community, providing guidance for thousands of nursing facility staff in this critical compliance function.

Josh Miller is Simple’s Client Alignment Executive. He has more than a decade of experience helping Simple clients get the most from their data solutions. He also serves as a trainer and consultant for thousands of SNFs across the country.

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