[Webinar, Aug 20] Oct. 1 changes: RAI manual revisions and the Final Rule update

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It’s the change you’ve been waiting for. The PDPM RAI Manual is out and the FY 2020 SNF PPS Final Rule has been released!

In this free webinar, Joel VanEaton with Broad River Rehab will take you inside the PDPM RAI manual revisions as well as detail the Final Rule updates.

[Free webinar] Oct. 1 changes: RAI manual revisions and the Final Rule update

Tue, Aug 20 | 10am–11:30am CT

Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT MT, VP of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Broad River Rehab

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What you’ll learn

  • Overview of overall RAI changes
  • Section by section review
  • Focus on Chapters 2 and 6
  • Review of major changes to the MDS 3.0 data set
  • SNF FY 2020 Final Rule Review

Who should attend

  • Directors of Nursing
  • MDS Coordinators
  • Administrators
  • Interdisciplinary Team members

About our speaker

Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT MT, is the VP of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at Broad River Rehab. A veteran of long-term care, Joel began his career as an MDS coordinator and worked for many years as the Director of Clinical Reimbursement and RAI for a group of nursing facilities in Tennessee and Kentucky. He is passionate about helping organizations navigate the complex reimbursement and regulatory landscape in LTC so they will be better equipped to provide increasing quality of care to their residents. Joel has contributed to McKnight’s LTC News, AANAC LTC Leader, PPS Alert Magazine and is a regular contributor to the Nursing & Assisted Living Facility Professional. He is also a regular presenter for the Georgia Healthcare Association and is one of only 34 AANAC certified Master Teachers.

Webinar sponsors

This webinar is presented free of charge to all long-term care providers, courtesy of SimpleLTC and Broad River Rehab.


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