Texas providers: Share your PASRR success stories

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Texas providers: Share your PASRR success story

Why PASRR: Share your success story!

Because the work you do with PASRR and PL1 processes is important, the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) is asking Texas providers to share success stories related to PASRR.

Why is PASRR important? As a Texas long-term care provider, the screening you do (PL1) and the evaluations you do (PE) are designed to identify people with IDD and/or MI who reside in your nursing facility. The purpose of PASRR really comes into play after the identification is completed. PASRR is about appropriate placement, giving options and providing the specialized services that individuals need.

The work you do when you’ve made it possible for someone to return home to their family or move to a home setting with roommates is what this program is all about. When someone you serve receives a customized manual wheelchair and it keeps them safe from falling… that’s PASRR. When your speech therapy improves someone’s ability to communicate… that’s PASRR.

DADS wants to hear your success stories so they can be used to communicate the importance of the PASRR program to all Texas providers.

To share your PASRR success story, please email the details to Cathy Belliveau, DADS Quality Monitoring/Training Lead, at cathy.belliveau@dads.state.tx.us.

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