New Texas PASRR NFSS functionality is now available in SimpleCFS™

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New Texas PASRR NFSS functionality in SimpleCFS™

We’re pleased to announce that we have released new functionality that helps Texas providers manage portions of the new Texas PASRR Nursing Facility Specialized Services (NFSS) form within SimpleCFS™.

The NFSS process allows Texas NFs to enter requests for specialized services for authorization by Health and Human Services (HHSC) Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) PASRR Unit. TMHP has announced that paper versions of the NFSS form will no longer be accepted as of June 23, 2017.

Current NFSS functionality in SimpleCFS™

The NFSS form link can be found on the Form Activity list on the SimpleCFS™ Activity view.

How to start a NFSS form in SimpleCFS™

As we announced on our June 29th webinar, our goal is to automate as much of the NFSS form process as possible for our Texas customers. However, we are currently blocked in our ability to access certain necessary data via TMHP. This means that, for now, certain parts of the NFSS form process must be completed within the TMHP LTC Online Portal.

  • What users can currently do in SimpleLTC:
    • Submit new NFSS forms
    • Add attachments to NFSS forms submitted via SimpleLTC
    • View and print forms/attachments
  • What users must currently do in the TMHP Portal (as listed in TMHP user guide):
    • Add user notes (to form and PTID, pg. 62)
    • Update/change status PTID (pg. 61, 64, 129-132, 169)
      • Authorization
      • CMWC/DME Certification
      • Provider Action Required
    • Remove attachments (pg. 61)
    • Add attachments to forms not submitted via SimpleLTC

Again, our goal is to offer complete NFSS functionality if possible. We are actively working with HHSC/TMHP to gain access to the data needed for the full NFSS process. We will update you as soon as possible on any product changes and timelines.

Important reminders

  • No draft functionality. There currently is no option to save a “draft” version of a form. Once you start a NFSS form in SimpleCFS™, you will need to finish/submit it.
  • Slight submission delays possible. Currently our team is manually monitoring the form process to ensure that each and every form is processed and submitted correctly within our system. Therefore, you may notice a slight delay in some forms being accepted by TMHP.
  • Please alert us to any issues. The NFSS form process is extremely complex (with 1,000+ fields), so it’s likely a few bugs will pop up along the way. Please help us squash them by reporting any problems you encounter ASAP to our Support Team.

For more info

  • For more details about current NFSS functionality in SimpleCFS™, please see the recording/slides from our June 29th customer webinar.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Support Team.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work to add this complex new functionality to the Texas PASRR process within SimpleCFS™!

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    1. In most facilities it is the MDS nurse or whoever is responsible for specialized services, such as therapy/rehab staff or PASRR/PL1 staff.

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