Texas PASRR IDT meetings: Avoid these common mistakes

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Texas PASRR IDT Meetings: Avoid these common mistakes

As we all climb the learning curve regarding PASRR IDT meetings in Texas, it’s encouraging to see that facilities are quickly incorporating the new requirements into their processes. DADS reports that, as of July 23, 2015, a total of 37 Texas IDT meetings have been documented.

DADS is reviewing weekly reports of the IDT meetings to look for trends and issues, and they noted several key issues that your facility should be aware of – including several mistakes that some facilities have already made.

Below is a quick rundown of the early issues DADS reported regarding IDT meetings. To help you avoid mistakes and duplicate work, be sure you understand the answers to these questions.

Which residents require a PASRR IDT meeting?

Only individuals with a positive PE need to have an IDT meeting. A positive PL1 only without a positive PE does not require an IDT meeting.

How do I update/correct IDT details after the meeting has taken place?

You can update the IDT form as long as the LA/LMHA hasn’t yet certified their portion of the report.

  • For SimpleLTC customers:
    • In the SimpleCFS PASRR tab, click the row with the resident’s name and look for the IDT history (shown in purple). The panel shows the date of the IDT meeting, form date and form status. To update an IDT form, click “Update” at the right.
  • For TMHP online portal users:
    • The IDT report can be corrected by clicking “Update IDT” tab on the toolbar. Use this function to make any corrections needed and resubmit the form.

Who is the “Legally Authorized Representative”?

The “Legally Authorized Representative” section is for Guardians only. DADS noted that some facilities are recording the names of the LA/LMHA staff in this section.

Does an RN have to attend the IDT meeting?

Yes, A RN must be in attendance. Out of 37 IDT meetings entered, DADS reported that nine had no evidence of the RN in attendance. If the MDS Coordinator in your facility is an RN, use the title of “RN” on the IDT report to avoid any question that this requirement has been met.

Does the LA/LMHA have to attend the IDT meeting?

Yes, you must have a representative from the LA/LMHA at this meeting or it cannot be held. DADS noted three IDT meetings that were held without the attendance (in person or over the phone) of the LA/LMHA. Any meeting held without the attendance of the LA/LMHA will be required to be conducted again. If you have difficulties getting the LA/LMHA to attend, please contact the DADS PASRR unit.

What about IDT meetings before July 7, 2015?

Any IDT meeting conducted from July 7, 2015 forward will need to be documented. You do not need to go back and create IDT documentation for meetings prior to July 7, 2015.

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