[Live training, Feb 25] Getting the most from your MDS scrubber rules in SimpleAnalyzer™

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Learn critical MDS scrubber strategies in our live training session

Did you know most skilled nursing facilities miss out on important reimbursement and quality improvement opportunities — even if they are using an MDS scrubber?

In today’s PDPM world, pre-transmission MDS scrubbing is more critical than ever for improving MDS accuracy and providing the best quality of care. If you’re not using MDS scrubbing processes effectively, your SNF may fall behind in PDPM reimbursement results.

Join us on Feb. 25 for a live training event exclusively for SimpleAnalyzer™ users. In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn to maximize the powerful scrubber technology built into SimpleAnalyzer™, and how its scrubber rules can help you develop an action plan for PDPM success.

[Live training] Getting the most from your MDS scrubber rules in SimpleAnalyzer™

Tue, Feb 25 | 1pm CT/2pm ET

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What you’ll learn

  • How to review and select the best Scrubber Rules (critical vs. non-critical)
  • How to identify rules with the greatest impact on quality scores
  • Understanding MDS Transmission policy and why it matters
  • How to use the Progress Tracker
  • How to interact with the Analysis report
  • And more…

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