PDPM countdown FAQ: Your questions answered from our recent webinar

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On Tuesday, May. 21, 2019, SimpleLTC and Briggs Healthcare offered the biggest and most anticipated webinar to date: Countdown to Oct 1: PDPM coding tips for MDS and ICD-10.

During the webinar, industry expert Mary Madison discussed how to prepare for PDPM and the newest version of the MDS 3.0 Item set, which both go into effect October 1. The webinars covered why SNFs are changing from RUG-IV to PDPM, how to create an action plan for MDS coding changes, where to find online resources, how to implement an IPA strategy, and much more.

Based on dozens of questions asked by attendees during the webinar, Mary Madison helped prepare this follow-up FAQ document.

What’s covered in the FAQ?

The FAQ answers dozens of questions regarding the new patient-driven payment model, including:

  • Can you differentiate between primary, principal, and admitting diagnoses regarding LTC residents that leave to the hospital and come back Medicare A?
  • If a resident goes to the hospital on 9/30 and they’re not out of the facility in three days, do we do the 5-day when they return or IPA?
  • Is PDPM for Medicare Part A only? If so, how does this affect Medicaid and insurance patients?
  • Can you please explain the HIPPS codes, their importance, and what causes them to not trigger?
  • Can the primary and admitting diagnoses be the same code?
  • And many more…

Download FAQ now

To download the FAQ and access the PDPM countdown webinar resources, click below and complete the form on the registration page. Once you do, you can download the FAQ immediately.

Download PDPM countdown FAQ

About our speaker

Mary Madison Clinical Consultant Briggs Healthcare

Mary Madison is a registered nurse with over 45 years of healthcare experience, including 40 years in long-term care. She has held positions of Director of Nursing in a 330-bed SNF, DON in two 60-bed SNFs, Reviewer with Telligen (Iowa QIO), Director of Continuing Education, Manager of Clinical Software Support, Clinical Software Implementer and Clinical Educator. Mary has conducted numerous MDS training and other educational sessions across the country in the past two decades. Mary joined Briggs Healthcare as their LTC/Senior Care Clinical Consultant in July 2014.

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