PBJ update: Goodbye, self-reported census!

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When CMS first implemented PBJ, facilities self-reported their census data for Five-Star staffing calculations. Since April 2018,  CMS has automatically calculated the census instead. While facilities could still report their census, CMS did not use the data in its Five-Star staffing calculations.

A January 9 update to PBJ Data Submission Specifications now states CMS will no longer accept any census data in PBJ file submissions. The new Version 4.00.0 removes all census tags and will be the required format for XML submissions beginning June 2. After this date, files using the older 2.00.0 and 2.00.3 versions will be rejected by CMS.

What does this mean?

  • Don’t include census data in your XML file – if you do, CMS will REJECT your file
  • Make sure the vendor that produces your XML files has updated to the new spec version 4.00.0 – if they don’t, CMS will REJECT your file

ezPBJ has already updated to Version 4.00.0 so all files produced using our software are in compliance with the new data specifications. Only have older XML file versions to import? Not to worry – ezPBJ still accepts the old file format and will convert it to the new format for CMS.

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ezPBJ is your one-stop shop for Payroll-Based Journal compliance – allowing you to assemble PBJ reports from all staffing data sources, identify and fix errors, submit PBJ reports to CMS, and predict your expected Five-Star Staffing rating.

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2 Comments on “PBJ update: Goodbye, self-reported census!”

  1. 3618 & 3619 make it 1 form. The fact that same info is on forms. MAKE one a discharge and 1 a admit or just have 1 form. Why make it harder then it has to be.

    1. Hi Stacy, we can only go by what the state has laid out as the standard for their Medicaid process. Unfortunately, those 3618 and 3619 forms are confusing no matter what, so feel free to reach out to our support team (469.916.2803 or support@simpleltc.com) if you have any questions. Thanks!

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