PBJ: Done is better than perfect

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PBJ “gotchas”

CMS system access
Some customers are reporting slowness or inability to log into CMS to upload or enter their PBJ reports. Plan ahead and test your access to make sure you can submit your report on time.

Done is better than perfect!

It is the LAST week before the first official PBJ deadline! Submissions must be received by the end of the 45th calendar day after the end of the reporting quarter (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time). That means no later than midnight next Monday, November 14th.

CMS is monitoring registration and submission activity. At a recent Open Door Forum, they emphasized that skilled nursing facilities participate by submitting their reports before the deadline:

“We are not expecting data to be perfect,” CMS official Lorelei Chapman said. “However, we do expect all facilities to submit data by the deadline.”

In this last week, set priorities and prepare to spend the time needed to submit your PBJ reports, including:

  • Get your payroll data converted to PBJ and submitted
  • Collect XML files or digital data from vendors and contractors
  • Capture and log the remaining vendors and contractors.

Get PBJ help!

ezPBJ will stay open over next weekend to assist customers in preparing PBJ reports. Set up a time that works for you or email support@ezPBJ.com.

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