New integration for SimpleMDS™ and abaqis® Quality Management System

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We have good news for long-term care facilities using SimpleMDS alongside Providigm’s abaqis Quality Management System. You can now seamlessly share MDS 3.0 assessment data between the two systems via a new data integration connection, which is available at no charge to existing customers.

When activated, the integration automatically sends MDS data directly to abaqis from SimpleMDS without user intervention, improving workflow and saving time for nursing and reimbursement staff. To ensure data quality, only assessments that have been accepted by CMS are utilized.

“Easy, automated interoperability will be the future of healthcare data,” said Jason Jones, SimpleLTC Chief Technology Officer. “We’re excited to work with Providigm to offer this new integration to our shared customers. The process is dead simple. Only one click, one time to fully automate MDS sharing from SimpleLTC to abaqis.”

“We are very pleased with the SimpleLTC integration,” said Ian Schreuder, Chief Technology Officer at Providigm. “An automated MDS transfer ensures more accurate and timely uploads of MDS data, saves facilities time, and simplifies the quality assurance and performance improvement process for our abaqis users. This is a good step forward for our shared customers.”

Benefits for users

  • Time savings. Data interchange between SimpleMDS and abaqis is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual upload of assessments. Staff can be freed up to focus on more strategic goals.
  • Cleaner, more accurate analytics. Automation ensures that data is consistently updated, without errors or missing data due to manual processing. In addition, only valid assessments that have been accepted by CMS are utilized.
  • Simple, one-click integration. Activating the data connection is as simple as clicking a button within the SimpleMDS application.

How it works

To activate the integration, the user administrator simply clicks “Enable” in the SimpleLTC admin view under “Application Connections” (see this article for more information).

Once enabled, the connection automatically backfills six months of past assessment data within the abaqis application, which is available for immediate analysis. Thereafter, MDS data is updated automatically every two hours.

The SimpleMDS/abaqis data integration is free of charge to existing customers. For questions about how the integration can benefit your facility, or how to enable it, please contact us.

About abaqis

Providigm creates practical solutions that health care providers can use to improve quality in their facilities. Through Providigm’s training and web-based systems, providers are able to improve the quality of care and life of their residents. The patented abaqis® Quality Management System is the only assessment and reporting system that replicates the QIS methodology.  Additionally, abaqis goes far beyond survey readiness; it is the foundation for our expanded solutions in Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement, tracking and measuring Hospital Readmissions, and measuring Customer Satisfaction.

About SimpleLTC

SimpleLTC creates software that simplifies regulatory compliance, reimbursement optimization and quality measurement for long-term care facilities. More than 2,000 providers have entrusted their long-term care data to SimpleLTC. As the largest third-party transmitter of MDS assessments, SimpleLTC is recognized as a best-practice industry standard.

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