Lessons from Payroll-Based Journal practice submissions to CMS

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PBJ “gotchas”

Split shifts at midnight. CMS requires hours be reported on per calendar day – midnight to midnight. Most timekeeping systems don’t report overnight shifts this way. ezPBJ’s wizard will take your punch data and automatically calculate Paid Hours by Calendar Day.

Lessons from practice submissions

Now that PBJ reporting is live, ezPBJ is helping hundreds of SNF’s submit to CMS – and sharing with you what we together learn along the way.

Clifton Larson Allen and ezPBJ are teaming up to provide a complementary webinar on August 16 about our Lessons from Early Submissions – so you can face the challenges of PBJ reporting head-on.

Attendees will receive CE credit and will come away being able to recognize PBJ data that nursing facilities have found difficult to report and identify opportunities to efficiently provide accurate data to the CMS PBJ system based on experiences of other nursing care providers.

Contact ezPBJ for a copy of this webinar

P.S. Don’t forget – you can still complete a practice submission in August to make sure you have all your systems in place.

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