Infection prevention/control training: What your SNF needs to do NOW

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Overall, nursing homes in the U.S. have done well at keeping COVID-19 out of their facilities but we still have lots of work to do in terms of infection prevention and control in our facilities. The statistics are sobering - to date, approximately 26,000 residents and 450 LTC workers have died during this pandemic.  To be sure, Coronavirus is not done with us yet.

CMS has issued lots of guidance since mid-March 2020, all of which are important. However, two recent guidelines are actually requirements and they have teeth. Warning: you will get bit if you are not aware and keenly focused!

In this free on-demand webinar, you’ll learn what these requirements are and what they mean for your facility, staff and residents.

Infection prevention/control: What your SNF needs to do NOW

Mary Madison, Clinical Consultant, Briggs Healthcare

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What attendees said

"Great presentation and information providing clarity on the NHSN reporting and tools to utilize for compliance."

-Live webinar attendee

 Mary is an excellent presenter of information, very knowledgeable.

-Live webinar attendee

Great job, very informative, well organized. Keep up the good work.
-Live webinar attendee

About the speaker

Mary Madison Clinical Consultant Briggs HealthcareMary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP is a registered nurse with over 45 years of healthcare experience, including 40 years in long-term care. She has held positions of Director of Nursing in a 330-bed SNF, DON in two 60-bed SNFs, Reviewer with Telligen (Iowa QIO), Director of Continuing Education, Manager of Clinical Software Support, Clinical Software Implementer and Clinical Educator. Mary has conducted numerous MDS training and other educational sessions across the country in the past two decades. Mary joined Briggs Healthcare as their LTC/Senior Care Clinical Consultant in July 2014.

What you’ll learn

  • Discuss CMS COVID-19 reporting requirements and timelines for compliance
  • Define penalties for non-compliance with infection control requirements
  • Audit your existing Infection Prevention and Control Program to identify areas for improvement

Who should attend

  • Administrators
  • Directors of Nursing Service
  • Medical Directors
  • Infection Preventionists
  • Interdisciplinary Department Heads and Nursing Staff

Webinar sponsors

This webinar is presented free of charge to all long-term care providers, courtesy of...


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