DADS wants your input on Texas PASRR specialized services

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DADS survey on Texas PASRR specialized services

Make your voice heard in the DADS PASRR specialized services survey

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) has launched a new survey that invites feedback from nursing facilities on PASRR specialized services.

One of the requirements of PASRR is to provide habilitative specialized services to individuals residing in nursing facilities who have been evaluated and have IDD or are dually diagnosed (MI and IDD) and have been confirmed eligible (PE is positive). DADS has noted that currently the utilization of these services is low.

A committee made up of nursing facility staff, therapy providers and staff from DADS created the survey to help identify barriers nursing facilities face in providing these services. The committee plans to use the survey results to work towards eliminating barriers that prevent facilities from fully utilizing PASRR specialized services.

The goal is to help nursing facilities meet PASRR requirements and, more importantly, provide needed specialized services to the individuals served in the PASRR program. DADS is asking for your help by taking a few minutes to complete the survey.

Please complete your survey response by Nov. 15, 2015. Click the button below to begin.

Click to take survey

For more information, please email Cathy Belliveau, Senior PASRR Program Specialist at DADS.

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