How to create PBJ XML files using the CMS Excel template [video]

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If you’re still trying to figure out how to get your PBJ data in the proper XML format, you’ve come to the right place.

The final deadline for the first Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) submissions to CMS is nearly here. Based on feedback from our customers, it appears that most SNFs are prepared for the new process, but some are still scrambling to finalize their data and submit it by the Nov. 14 deadline.

CMS has tried to simplify the process of consolidating and converting PBJ data to XML format by providing an Excel template. (You can find it here under the Downloads section.) If you plan to use this Excel-to-XML conversion process using the CMS Excel template, we’ve put together a helpful video that explains it.

The 2-part process: Creating + submitting PBJ XML files

The video above provides a quick and easy walk-through for the entire process of creating your PBJ XML file, then submitting it to CMS.
  • Part 1: Explains how to use the CMS Excel-to-XML template to create valid PBJ submission files in XML format.
  • Part 2: Shows the simple process for submitting and tracking your PBJ files, and accessing related reports within SimpleConnect™.

About SimpleConnect™ PBJ functionality

SimpleConnect™ simplifies the process of submitting MDS and PBJ data to CMS. For your PBJ process, SimpleConnect lets you:

  • Easily submit your PBJ files to CMS
  • Automatically confirm proper XML format
  • Retrieve final validations and reports
  • Track your data in a simple dashboard
  • Manage multiple facilities all at once

SimpleConnect™ is the proven, best-practice MDS 3.0 and PBJ transmission solution for long-term care. It takes the messy, manual complexities of MDS and PBJ transmission and tracking out of your workflow, allowing you to focus on quality care. No cumbersome VPN connection is required.

All your CMS/CASPER reports are retrieved in a simple dashboard view and you can easily track warnings, and correct and resubmit rejects in minutes. It’s priced to be affordable for any facility. To learn more, request a free demo today.

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