CMS issues nursing home reopening recommendations for state and local officials

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Below is a repost of a Briggs article written by Mary Madison, RN, RAC-CT, CDP, Clinical Consultant, Briggs Healthcare.

This Press Release was issued late on Monday, May 18, 2020 to announce new guidance for state and local officials to ensure the safe reopening of nursing homes across the country.  “The recommendations would allow states to make sure nursing homes are continuing to take the appropriate and necessary steps to ensure resident safety and are opening their doors when the time is right. This also serves to help states and nursing homes reunite families with their loved ones in a safe, phased manner.”

QSO-20-30-NH is a 10-page notification:


Pages 4 through 8 identify implementation steps and visitor/service considerations for each of the 3 phases described by the Administration and includes LTC surveys that will be conducted at each phase.

Pages 9 and 10 are labelled as an Appendix with additional recommendations and state survey prioritization, starting in Phase 2.


A 5-page Nursing Home Reopening Recommendations Frequently Asked Questions document was released along with the QSO notification.  In that FAQ, you’ll see this (it’s also part of the Additional Recommendations I highlighted above):


Additional questions/answers (there are a total of 11):



Please review this latest QSO and FAQ very carefully with your team – the lives of residents and staff in your community will depend on it.  Continue to exercise caution and remain vigilant…this isn’t over yet.

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