Thanks 25 million! Simple celebrates an MDS transmission milestone

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25 million transmissions

We’re proud to announce that SimpleLTC has reached a significant milestone – we’ve transmitted 25 million MDS assessments to CMS. Now serving over 3,000 facilities nationwide, SimpleLTC is the largest third-party transmitter of MDS assessment data.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve grown from a startup software company focused on Texas Medicaid to a data science leader whose MDS software tools are used by the thousands of facilities in nearly every state, including the industry’s largest provider groups. Along the way, we also built the largest private database of MDS health assessment data.

Since our founding, SimpleLTC’s primary objective has remained consistent. We simplify complicated processes for long-term care facilities, making it easier to transmit and analyze long-term care data with fewer errors and headaches.

Our MDS transmission and workflow tool, SimpleConnect™, provides an intuitive interface for customers to automatically transmit MDS assessments and manage CASPER reports, giving SNF organizations a full historical record of their submission activities across all their facilities.

What has changed is what we do with that stored data. We’ve made it more impactful for our customers.

Value of data to our customers

Eight years after launching SimpleConnect, we announced SimpleAnalyzer™, an innovative new way for skilled nursing facilities to visually interpret their MDS assessment data.

SimpleAnalyzer’s dashboards illustrate real-time data. Customers get an accurate picture of where they stand and how they can improve MDS workflow and accuracy, while minimizing errors and avoiding penalties.

Since the product’s launch, we’ve expanded the analytics to include a multitude of advanced features. In addition to workflow data, customers can drill down into analytics based on quality measures, QRP outcomes, Five-Star ratings, diagnosis trends and much more. They can view data from a year ago or just last week. They can see one facility or multiple.

The most important benefit is that customers can use a simple, affordable tool to uncover the wealth of value hidden in their MDS data.

Commitment to constant improvement

Corey Pauley leads SimpleLTC’s engineering and product team. His main focus is to add new features that address customers’ needs and the evolving landscape of the long-term care industry.

“Reports on MDS data aren’t new,” Corey said. “CMS already provides CASPER reports to every SNF. What makes SimpleLTC unique is our ability to show a real-time snapshot of your data and drill down to a granular level. We’ve also added predictive metrics showing the likelihood of 30-day rehospitalizations and frailty based on recovery potential. The clean, real-time data we transmit for our customers is what allows us to provide those accurate predictions.”

Thank you for your contribution

Above all, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for our customers and their choice to entrust us to protect and manage their MDS assessment data.

Because of them, our team works hard everyday to enhance our software to help facilities improve quality outcomes and reimbursement. Keep checking back to see what we add in the future.

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