[Watch] See all your CMS and CASPER reports in one simple dashboard

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With SimpleMDS™, you can easily view and manage all your CMS and CASPER reports in one place, with no need to log into the CMS VPN.

In addition to automatically transmitting your MDS batches to CMS, SimpleMDS lets you take control of all your CMS and CASPER reports. In one simple dashboard you can view and print all your MDS 3.0 Provider Reports and MDS 3.0 Quality Management (QM) reports, for single or multiple facilities. SimpleMDS doesn’t require you to log into the CMS VPN, so your MDS activities and workflow can be simplified and automated, allowing you to achieve more accurate reimbursement and better overall quality of care.

With SimpleMDS reports, you can:

  • Access all your CMS/CASPER reports in one simple dashboard. No need to log into CMS or send multiple report requests.
  • See reports for all your facilities. Search by single or multiple facilities to find exactly the information you need.
  • Control which users have access to reports. No need to print, email or fax the reports around to multiple staff members.
  • Archive all reports for future retrieval. All reports are automatically archived so you can easily access them at any time.

Watch the brief video [2:47] for a quick walk-through of how to locate and access all your CMS and CASPER reports in one simple dashboard.

About SimpleMDS

Used by more than 2,000 LTC providers nationwide, SimpleMDS streamlines MDS upload and final validation report processes. Automatically transmit your MDS batches to CMS. Access and store CMS/CASPER reports. Achieve more accurate reimbursement…with no CMS VPN required. As the largest third-party transmitter of MDS assessments, with more than 15,000,000 assessments transmitted, SimpleMDS is recognized as the proven MDS transmission solution for long-term care. Learn more…

Automate MDS transmission to CMS, quality measurement and CASPER reports

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