Maximize your PDPM and Five-Star success at the AANAC/AADNS conference

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SimpleLTC at 2019 AANAC/AADNS conference

Are you attending the AANAC/AADNS conference, April 3-5? While you’re in Orlando, maximize your chances of PDPM and Five-Star success by participating in SimpleLTC’s multiple learning opportunities.

As the primary sponsor of the AANAC conference for the eighth consecutive year, we’re excited that this will be the highest attended and most anticipated AANAC/AADNS conference to date, with an unprecedented number of learning opportunities.

SimpleLTC will provide eight power-learning sessions in our exhibit hall Learning Lab with topics covering PDPM, Five-Star, PBJ and more. During Friday’s breakfast hour, our Product Theater will highlight best practices for PDPM preparation, including a detailed case study of Sava Senior Care’s PDPM strategy.

With continuous CMS updates and PDPM on the horizon, don’t miss these opportunities from SimpleLTC to prepare yourself for success.

SimpleLTC’s “Bright Ideas” Learning Lab

Learning Lab sessions are a new addition to the conference this year. The SimpleLTC Learning Lab in the exhibit hall will host eight power-learning sessions (15-20 minutes) covering PDPM and regulatory change. Here’s a quick breakdown of our sessions:

Wednesday, April 3 | 7:30pm—9:00pm

Real-world PDPM: How per-diem affects reimbursement
Jason Jones & Corey Pauley, SimpleLTC

Five-Star Keys to Success: How the math works for and against you
Corey Pauley, SimpleLTC | Mary Madison, Briggs Healthcare

How the MDS affects your PBJ
Don Feige, ezPBJ

Thursday, April 4 | 9:30am—11am

Real-world PDPM: Diagnoses and keys to optimal coding
Jason Jones and Corey Pauley, SimpleLTC

PDPM: Coding tips for MDS staff
Mary Madison, Briggs Healthcare

Staffing and Five-Star: How the MDS affects your PBJ
Don Feige, ezPBJ

Thursday, April 4 | 1:45pm—3:00pm

Best Practices for PDPM preparation: A Sava Case Study
Amy Phipps, Sava Senior Care

Real-world PDPM: Avoiding audits
Jason Jones and Corey Pauley, SimpleLTC

Product Theater Breakfast

SimpleLTC is sponsoring Friday’s Product Theater Breakfast, another new learning experience offered by AANAC/AADNS this year. While enjoying breakfast, you’ll learn important tips and best practices to prepare for PDPM.

Friday, April 5 | 7:00am—8:00am

PDPM prep: Behind the scenes with Sava and SimpleLTC
Amy Phipps, Sava Senior Care
Corey Pauley and Jason Jones, SimpleLTC

Other opportunities at AANAC/AADNS

Be sure to stop by SimpleLTC’s booth in the exhibit hall for a sneak peek of our powerful new PDPM analytics tools. While you’re there, pick up a free water bottle, enter to win an Apple Watch, or just relax in SimpleLTC’ Recharge Networking Lounge.

We see the efforts MDS and DON professionals put into improving quality and compliance every single day, which is why we choose to support AANAC/AADNS and their annual conference. We can’t wait to see you in Orlando!

9 Comments on “Maximize your PDPM and Five-Star success at the AANAC/AADNS conference”

  1. Sounds like great topics. Will you be presenting these presentations after the conference so that we would be to get to them all?

    1. Hi Margaret – We won’t be repeating the Learning Lab sessions as they are short sessions designed just for the conference, but we will make the handouts available afterward. Thanks!

  2. Do we need to make a reservation for Wednesday session 7:30-9pm? I hope there will be enough sits for everybody to accommodate. Thank you for supporting us with all the upcoming changes. More Power to SimpleLTC!

    1. Hi Melanie – No reservation needed for the Learning Lab sessions. Just stop by the SimpleLTC booth in the exhibit hall and you can see the schedule. The Learning Lab will be right next to our booth. Thanks!

  3. Hope to attend them. Only getting in late Wed. So glad we will still have access to handouts. Thank you.

  4. Looking forward to the conference and the learning labs. SimpleLTC always provides great tools for keeping us up to date.

  5. Hi Ken,
    Trying to look for Mary Madison Presentation at the AANAC during the learning labs as provided by Simple LTC. Since we were taking a shots during presentation and somebody told us that it will be posted on the website.

    Thanks a lot for all the learning labs that you guys shared to us at the AANC conference. That was outstanding!

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