[Free webinar] Connecting the MDS Data Dots: Using SNF patient data for personalized care planning

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Are you making the most out of your MDS?

Last October’s MDS changes were the most significant since 2011. How can we use this new data to better care for residents each day?

When regulatory change happens, SNFs often focus on the new data and miss the intent. Just collecting the data is not enough… we must integrate it into care planning and IDT processes to achieve better outcomes.

For example, if Social Services or Nursing learns about a resident’s transportation challenges but doesn’t communicate with Therapy, the care plan can be negatively impacted. The same is true for Section Q Participation in Assessment and Goal Setting, which is critical for care planning.

So how do we connect the dots, from MDS data to care planning to successful discharge?

In this timely webinar, we’ll review key MDS data elements — including recent changes and those proposed in the FY2025 SNF PPS Proposed Rule — and how those items drive person-centered care when communicated and integrated effectively.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone responsible for MDS data
  • Social Services
  • Nursing
  • Therapy
  • IDT team members

[Webinar] Connecting the MDS Data Dots

Using SNF patient data for personalized care planning


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Leigh Ann Frick, PT/MBA, RAC-CT, PNAP

President — Care Navigation Consulting, LLC

Leigh Ann is a licensed physical therapist and has spent her entire career in the post-acute space; working to ensure quality clinical care delivery; founded in compassion and compliance.  She started as a treating therapist when she quickly realized her passion was teaching and training clinicians about best practices, regulatory compliance, documentation and billing.  She moved through various operational and clinical positions eventually becoming the Chief Clinical Officer for a large contract therapy company.  Seeing the opportunity to help a variety of providers handle the need for clinical integration in the changing world of healthcare reform initiatives, she decided to start a consulting practice in 2017.  Her goal is to help providers along the continuum be successful in this ever-changing landscape.  Throughout Leigh Ann’s career, she has been a successful contributor and presenter at both the state and national levels; having been requested to speak to groups at Ohio Health Care, Virginia Healthcare, Leading Age National and Leading Age South Carolina/Georgia, AAPACN and NASL/ADVION to name a few.  She has been highly active in the trade associations, Advion/NASL (National Association for the Support of Long-Term Care) and NARA (National Association for Rehab Agencies and Providers).  Leigh Ann has been a member of the APTA since 1993, is a Board of Director for the South Carolina APTA, is a member of AAPACN, Vice President of the Foundation Board and received her RAC-CT in December 2016 and is a Professional Member of the National Academies of Practice.