Shipwrecked or smooth sailing? How to stay on course with GG & PDPM

Don’t hit the rocks! Learn how to stay on course with GG and PDPM.

October 1st changes will be here before you know it! How can you chart a clear course and ensure smooth sailing for GG and PDPM? While we await new RAI manual updates surrounding the removal of Section G regarding Quality Measures and reimbursement, now’s the time to prepare for accuracy and capture with GG and PDPM.

In this webinar, we share findings on the most missed PDPM capture items and GG issues, including tips, strategies, and critical resources for success.

What you’ll learn

  • Rules surrounding GG capture and utilization impacting clinical care, functional outcome reporting, and reimbursement with a glimpse into the future as we know it
  • How to implement PDPM data capture to reflect true patient conditions that impact care delivery and reimbursement
  • Top 3 misses in PDPM capture and GG missteps with analytical insight, knowledge, resources, and strategies

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