PBJ reporting waiver issued by CMS

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CMS has issued a waiver for PBJ Reporting this quarter (Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 staffing data due May 15) to provide relief to facilities during the COVID-19 crisis. The waiver reads: “Staffing Data Submission: CMS is waiving 42 CFR 483.70(q) to provide relief to long term care facilities on … Read More

PBJ update: Goodbye, self-reported census!

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When CMS first implemented PBJ, facilities self-reported their census data for Five-Star staffing calculations. Since April 2018,  CMS has automatically calculated the census instead. While facilities could still report their census, CMS did not use the data in its Five-Star staffing calculations. A January 9 update to PBJ Data Submission Specifications now states CMS will … Read More

PBJ: Hitting the news

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With six quarters of PBJ-based Staffing Five-Star ratings, CMS has created a nationwide apples-to-apples data set that is catching the attention of researchers and academics. Harvard and Vanderbilt researchers published a study in Health Affairs this July. Their analysis of  PBJ data found large daily staffing fluctuations, low weekend staffing, and daily staffing … Read More