[On-demand webinar] Texas STAR+PLUS: We need to see your credentials!

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Webinar: Texas STAR+PLUS credentials, 2018

Attention Texas providers! New STAR+PLUS MCO credentialing requirements take effect Apr. 1, 2018. Is your SNF organization ready? If you’re not sure, you need this webinar. Beginning Apr. 1, 2018, all Texas nursing facilities must comply with new STAR+PLUS credentialing requirements, with a deadline of the MCOs credentialing all current facilities by … Read More

[On-demand webinar] The 2017 Texas MCO environment: What you need to know

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Free webinar: The 2017 Texas MCO environment: What you need to know

In this information-packed webinar, you’ll learn the latest details about Texas MCO billing and administration from some of the state’s top experts. You’ll get the facts on the latest Managed Care regulatory changes as well as practical advice on managing MCO workflow and protecting your reimbursement in 2017. Also included is a brief … Read More