Don't Breeze Thru Dyspnea: Understanding the Impact of M1400

Do you have a plan for M1400 Dyspnea?

M1400 Dyspnea impacts not only Star Ratings but also Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (VBP). Successfully improving dyspnea is critical in keeping patients out of the hospital. Yet, accurate completion of M1400 Dyspnea remains a conundrum for most clinicians! Documentation, thorough respiratory assessments, and collaboration efforts are often inadequate.

In this free webinar on M1400 Dyspnea, learn helpful tips and tricks for accurate completion and documentation of important assessment pieces to ensure successful outcomes in 2024!

What you’ll learn:

  • Impact of M1400 on VBP scoring of Improvement in Dyspnea
  • How improving M1400 also impacts other aspects of VBP
  • Tips and tricks for a more accurate respiratory assessment

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