Managed Care Madness: Data strategies for SNF Medicare Advantage success

Medicare Advantage (MA) has overtaken traditional Fee-for-Service (FFS) by volume of beneficiaries – and it’s causing a serious problem for providers. MA is expected to drain $14 billion from Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) revenue in 2024.  Providers are optimistic that MA plans will be forced to cover more SNF days going forward, but the price per day keeps falling. MA plans want reduced utilization and lower costs, so it's in their best interests to reward efficient providers. But it's difficult to negotiate rate increases with MA plans because there is no data to benchmark your performance against!

With empty beds and no comparative data measuring outcomes and costs, MA plans continue to drive down SNF payment rates. In this webinar, you will learn how to access MA utilization data from thousands of providers and measure your value proposition in clear terms: outcomes, length of stay, per diem rates, and more. Learn essential strategies as MA plans continue to grow in long-term care.

This webinar will help you:

  1. Benchmark Medicare Advantage utilization, payment, and outcomes against peer group providers.
  2. Quantify your SNF’s value proposition to insurers.
  3. Identify opportunities to support rate increases.
  4. Understand how ISNP ties into short-term MA utilization.
  5. Measure ancillary spending per admission.

Intended audience: Case management directors, Reimbursement VPs and directors, MCO contract specialists, C-Suite (CFOs, CEOs, COOs, Chief Strategy Officers)

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