The new Expected Discharge Score: How to utilize Simple's Function Score report

Setting expectations for the Expected Discharge Score

Last October, CMS introduced the new Expected Discharge Score Quality Measure, which uses a five-day assessment to calculate both the starting point and a risk-adjusted goal for functional improvement. Every SNF and resident improvement is measured against these expected goals from CMS. How your facility performs against this QM can significantly impact your performance and Five-Star rating.

Despite its importance, this score is very difficult to find and not easily calculated. Simple is very excited to introduce a first-of-its-kind feature to our Function Score Report providing you with an actual Expected Discharge Score in real time for each resident. Join us for an overview of this new feature and how this new QM is calculated from your data.

In this webinar, we will:

  1. Introduce the new version of the Function Scores report to help manage the new S042 - Expected Discharge Score report.
  2. Understand the data points CMS uses to calculate the discharge goal.
  3. Define timelines related to Five Star and VBP impact.

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