Beyond iQIES with ADVION

iQIES — the new CMS data platform for MDS transmission, CASPER reports, surveys and more — is now a fact of life. How will this affect your SNF workflow and data security? How can you ensure your data processes are ready for Oct. 1?

Watch this special webinar hosted by ADVION (formerly NASL), as we explore the implications and risks of SNF compliance under the new iQIES system.

What you’ll learn:

  • Critical steps to ensure your data processes are ready for Oct. 1
  • One month in: How have SNFs adjusted to the iQIES changes?
  • Strategies for automating MDS transmissions, protecting your reimbursement, and managing iQIES access
  • Future of iQIES: PBJ, CASPER, ASPEN, surveys and more
  • How ADVION has worked with CMS to advocate for SNFs

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