Don't be late for Section GG: Prepare now for the new Discharge Function Score

Home Health Agencies: It’s time to prepare for the new Discharge Function Score!

With the final CY2024 rule, home health agencies face several changes, including the new Discharge Function Score. Derived from Section GG of the OASIS, this measure will be included in the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) program beginning January 2025.

If you think you have plenty of time to switch gears, think again. The baseline year for reporting the Discharge Function Score is 2023 — so your OASIS documentation is already making a difference for your score and VBP reimbursement.

CMS has stated that home health agencies need to place more emphasis on Section GG, especially the “activity not assessed” items. This webinar provides the latest guidance and strategies for improving Section GG accuracy so your agency can prepare for the new VBP measure.

What you’ll learn:

  • How the new Discharge Function Score is derived from Section GG
  • Best practices for documenting Section GG items
  • Strategies for navigating the Discharge Function measure

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