Getting the most from SimpleLTC customer support

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SimpleLTC: Getting the most from customer support

This is a recent quote from a customer. We’re highlighting it here not because she said something nice about us (which we really appreciate), but because we think it represents something we all relate to about customer support… That feeling of being “distressed” and just needing help quickly. The goal … Read More

How seriously do we take your data security?

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As we talk to new and prospective customers (and especially their IT departments) we often hear the same questions about data security: How does SimpleLTC use our data? How do you secure our Protected Health Information (PHI)? Will SimpleLTC ever give my data to a third party? What happens to … Read More

SimpleLTC fully supports the new Texas PASRR process

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SimpleLTC fully supports new Texas PASRR process

The Texas PASRR process changes are causing quite a bit of buzz lately. This is understandable because the new requirements, which became effective May 24, will affect admission processes – and ultimately, reimbursement – for ALL Texas Medicaid-certified nursing facilities. What do SimpleLTC customers need to know? Simply put, SimpleLTC … Read More

Why keeping it simple is the most important thing

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SimpleLTC: Why we keep it simple

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple…that’s creativity.” — Charles Mingus When was the last time you thought, “Wow, that was simple!”? If you’re anything like most humans, you’ll have a hard time coming up with a recent example. Reminders of how complicated our world has become … Read More