Skilled nursing facility, medical center improve readmission rates by 40% through improved communication

McKnight's LTCN (01/30/2020) – An urban medical center and skilled nursing facility focused on improving the communication between the entities and ended up reducing readmissions by 40%, a new study found. Full story »

Lawsuit: CMS using unvetted claims in star rating formula, hurting nursing home finances

Skilled Nurstng News (01/29/2020) – A lawsuit filed last week accuses the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) of using unreviewed deficiencies in its star rating system for nursing homes — a practice that providers claim puts them at risk for a variety of financial hardships. Full story »

Providers gear up to confront CMS regarding 8% Medicare Part B therapy cuts

McKnight's LTCN (01/28/2020) – Providers are preparing for the next phase of a lobbying effort after they plan to send a letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services this week asking the agency to explain its proposed 8% cut of Medicare Part B therapy services. Full story »

INSIGHT: Health-care consolidation strong in 2019—Expect even stronger 2020

Bloomberg Law (01/27/2020) – Consolidation and a changing U.S. health-care market continues to drive health-care investment activity to record levels. Full story »

Can you prevent dementia?

TCTimes (01/24/2020) – It’s never too early to begin thinking about your brain health, before you notice symptoms of memory loss and cognitive decline. While there is no cure for dementia and its most common form, Alzheimer’s disease, there’s more to the story than hopelessness and despair. Full story »

CMS ‘interested’ in patient satisfaction scores for nursing homes

McKnight's LTCN (01/22/2020) – Federal regulators say that nursing homes could eventually come to see patient satisfaction scores included in Five Star Quality Ratings and on the Nursing Home Compare website. Full story »

Potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s

Technology Networks (01/22/2020) – Researchers at the Case Western University School of Medicine say they have identified a previously unknown gene and associated protein which could potentially be suppressed to slow the advance of Alzheimer’s disease. Full story »

Pet therapy: Unconditionally good for you?

Antelope Valley Press (01/20/2020) – There are more than a dozen registered therapy dogs and handlers at the Mayo Clinic’s Caring Canines program. They make regular visits to some patients as part of their medical therapy and offer special visits on request to others. Full story »