7-year-old ‘police officer’ cheers up nursing home patients by handing out tickets for being ‘too cute’

Inside Edition (07/05/2019) – This little “officer” is spreading love to nursing homes across Kansas City, Kansas. Oliver Davis, 7, has been giving out hugs, flowers and tickets for being "too cute" to elderly patients in nursing homes. Full story »

What do 90-somethings regret most? Here’s what I learned about how to live a happy, regret-free life

CNBC (07/03/2019) – My preconceptions about the elderly went out the window four years ago, when a woman in her early-80s came to me seeking pastoral care. Full story »

Medicaid’s shifting of residents from nursing facilities to home settings shown to be overrated

McKnight's (07/02/2019) – Elderly, dual-eligible Medicaid beneficiaries in long-term care settings aren’t more likely to be hospitalized than those receiving community-based care, even though long-term care residents tend to be older and have more chronic conditions. Full story »

Nursing home staffing levels often fall below CMS expectations

Modern Healthcare (07/01/2019) – Nursing home staffing levels are often lower than what facilities report, which could compromise care quality, new research shows. Full story »

Does poor sleep in your 50s warn of Alzheimer’s?

Futurity (07/01/2019) – People who report worsening sleep quality as they age from their 50s to their 60s have more protein tangles in their brain, putting them at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life, according to a new study. Full story »

Moments of clarity in dementia patients not always a good sign

Business-Standard (06/30/2019) – People who lose their memory to the ravages of dementia can one day suddenly wake up exhibiting surprisingly normal behaviour, but according to recent findings, this is not necessarily a positive sign. Full story »

Study finds a common class of drugs may increase dementia risk, but there’s some good news as well

Forbes (06/27/2019) – A recent study found evidence linking a class of popular drugs called anticholinergics to increased risk of developing dementia. These are common over-the-counter and prescription medications, and this is a troubling finding (and it’s not the first), but the research also conceals a piece of good news that we’ll circle back to after unpacking a few of the details. Full story »

79-year-old with dementia remembers song he wrote decades ago, plays it on piano for son

CBS News (06/26/2019) – Paul Harvey has dementia, and he wasn't sure if he'd remember how to play one of his old compositions. But when the 79-year-old sat down at the piano, the song came back to him. His son, Nick, captured the touching moment on camera. Full story »

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