2 adorable therapy mini-horses visit Pittsburgh nursing home patients

CBS Pittsburgh (11/14/2019) – Long-term care residents at a Pittsburgh nursing home got a special visit from two therapy mini-horses making a big impact: Jiminy Cricket and Tashi. Full story »

How entrepreneurs can take on the future of aging using artificial intelligence

Entrepreneur (11/07/2019) – Thanks to daily advances in healthcare technology, people are living longer and longer. As a nation, we're nearing a historic first: It is predicted by the year 2034 that there will be more people over the age of 65 than people under the age of 18. A larger senior population also means an associated rise in cost of care needed to sustain quality of life for more and more citizens as they continue towards their golden years. It's a wonderful development, but it necessitates change, and entrepreneurs are the perfect people to lead the charge. Full story »

Does aging make our brains less efficient?

Medical Xpress (10/29/2019) – We are an aging population. Demographic projections predict the largest population growth will be in the oldest age group—one study predicted a doubling of people age 65 and over between 2012 and 2050. Understanding aging and prolonging healthy years is thus becoming increasingly important. Full story »

Dementia tied to trans fats

MedPage Today (10/24/2019) – People with higher blood levels of trans fatty acids were more likely to develop dementia in later years than people with lower levels, a prospective study in Japan showed. Full story »

Common brain disorders accelerate brain aging

Medical Xpress (10/22/2019) – Common brain disorders seem to be associated with accelerated aging of the brain, according to a new international study using machine learning models to analyse structural brain MRI data from more than 45,000 individuals. The researchers discovered that people with memory disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS) and schizophrenia, among other conditions, have an older-looking brain than it really is; however, there is variation between different disorders. Full story »

Start-up helps nursing home residents see the world

Williamsport Sun-Gazette (10/20/2019) – Jim Halsey, 83, has traveled in his life to Japan and South Korea, through Europe and Central America. One recent day, he squatted in a narrow, wooden boat and watched as an elephant trudged through a swamp in Botswana. Full story »

3 women accused of running elder fight club among dementia patients in North Carolina

NBC News (10/15/2019) – Three women in North Carolina are accused of running a fight club among elderly people with dementia at an assisted living facility, police and state health officials say. Full story »

How fast are you aging? Midlife walking speed may show state of brain and body

Today (10/14/2019) – Slow walkers beware: A sluggish pace can already signal “accelerated aging” in adults in their 40s, while those who naturally walk more briskly may have younger brains and bodies, a new study has found. Full story »

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