Powerful House subcommittee opens arms to nursing home providers’ suggestions for cutting ‘administrative burdens’

McKnight's (05/24/2018) – Long-term care professionals took full advantage of an invitation to tell House leaders Tuesday how they could cut Medicare red tape and improve resident care. Full story »

Now more of us can count on more time dodging the dementia bullet

Kaiser Health News (05/24/2018) – You’ve turned 65 and exited middle age. What are the chances you’ll develop cognitive impairment or dementia in the years ahead? Full story »

The ever-rising cost of long-term care insurance

CBS News (05/23/2018) – Long-term care insurance seemed like such a great idea. Buy a policy when you're in your 50s or 60s, while you're still relatively healthy, pay your monthly premiums and in return you'll have help managing the astronomical costs of a nursing home, assisted-living facility or personal aide when the time comes. Full story »

Supreme Court backs employers, arbitration over class-action claims

McKnight's (05/22/2018) – The 5-4 Supreme Court vote is considered a blow to workers across the country. Full story »

Employee compelled to testify in civil assault case against nursing home; leads to $7.5 million award

McKnight's (05/21/2018) – A Pennsylvania jury has awarded $7.5 million to the family of a dementia patient who was sexually assaulted by a fellow resident of her nursing home. Full story »

Critically ill ‘should not be made to die away from home’

The Guardian (05/19/2018) – Better funded end-of-life care would be fairer and cost less, says IPPR report. Full story »

Post-acute care remains a mystery for hospital doctors

Skilled Nursing News (05/20/2018) – Care transitions have become critically important for long-term care providers’ finances, but the world of skilled nursing facilities and home heath settings remains a mystery to many doctors at hospitals — and a pair of hospitalists think there are steps they can take to remove some of the confusion. Full story »

There are more Millennial caregivers than you think: This is what they are like

Forbes (05/18/2018) – When we think about family caregivers, we usually picture spouses or 50-something adult children. But, it turns out, about one-third of Americans have helped care for an older loved one by age 40. Full story »

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