CMS ‘interested’ in patient satisfaction scores for nursing homes

McKnight's LTCN (01/22/2020) – Federal regulators say that nursing homes could eventually come to see patient satisfaction scores included in Five Star Quality Ratings and on the Nursing Home Compare website. Full story »

Potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s

Technology Networks (01/22/2020) – Researchers at the Case Western University School of Medicine say they have identified a previously unknown gene and associated protein which could potentially be suppressed to slow the advance of Alzheimer’s disease. Full story »

Pet therapy: Unconditionally good for you?

Antelope Valley Press (01/20/2020) – There are more than a dozen registered therapy dogs and handlers at the Mayo Clinic’s Caring Canines program. They make regular visits to some patients as part of their medical therapy and offer special visits on request to others. Full story »

From depression to dementia, inflammation is medicine’s new frontier

The Guardian (01/19/2020) – It’s now clear that inflammation is part of the problem in many, if not all, diseases of the body. And targeting immune or inflammatory causes of disease has led to a series of breakthroughs, from new treatments for rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune diseases in the 1990s, through to the advent of immunotherapy for some cancers in the 2010s. Full story »

Possible missing link in Alzheimer’s pathology identified

Scientific American (01/16/2020) – Alzheimer's disease has long been characterized by the buildup of two distinct proteins in the brain: first beta-amyloid, which accumulates in clumps, or plaques, and then tau, which forms toxic tangles that lead to cell death. But how beta-amyloid leads to the devastation of tau has never been precisely clear. Now a new study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham appears to describe that missing mechanism. Full story »

How tech is catering to the elderly and caregivers

Venture Beat (01/13/2020) – At CES 2020, tech’s biggest trade show, it was heartening to see that the tech industry is paying attention to the needs of the elderly and the younger people who provide care for the elderly. Full story »

How skilled nursing facilities can reduce short-term stay rehabilitation times

McKnight's (01/15/2020) – Short-term stay or respite care offers a great solution for seniors who are recovering from a hospital visit, surgery or other medical issue. Full story »

A neuroscientist lays out the keys to aging well

PBS News Hour (01/11/2020) – As a neuroscientist, professor emeritus of psychology, musician and best-selling author, Daniel Levitin has extensively studied the brain and its impact on aging. Full story »

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