Matros: Home Health shifts ‘A Good Thing’ ahead of looming capacity crunch, but nursing homes still vital

Skilled Nursing News (02/23/2021) – Whether or not home health providers can maintain the volume they siphoned away from skilled nursing facilities during the pandemic has emerged as a top question for policymakers and financial analysts alike. Full story »

COVID-19, human factors & patient safety in long-term care facilities

Benefits PRO (02/22/2021) – Health care workers and volunteers in the health care industry are facing a number of unexpected challenges during the pandemic. Full story »

Nursing home bed prices stay stable as federal aid staves off distress — but question marks loom

Skilled Nursing News (02/21/2021) – Per-bed prices — a gold-standard valuation metric for buyers looking to invest in skilled nursing facilities — have remained stable for most of the COVID-19 pandemic, and even picked up at the end of 2020. But focusing on cash flow is perhaps even more important as the government shoots money into the industry. Full story »

COVID is shaping the evolution of nursing homes, experts say

NewsDay (02/21/2021) – Nursing homes of the near future may look less like hospital complexes and more like small, cozy homes with eight or 10 residents, which will include sanitized "safe rooms" for family visits and employ robotics and indoor drones to serve residents, according to experts nationwide. Full story »

Nursing home margins, number of five-star facilities were on rise before COVID-19

Skilled Nursing News (02/18/2021) – The national nursing home landscape saw multiple positive operational trends prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, including a slight gain in margins and an increase in the proportion of top-ranked facilities, according to a new national benchmarking report. Full story »

With COVID-19 cases plummeting, nursing homes ‘may have seen the bottom’ of record-low occupancy

Skilled Nursing News (02/17/2021) – The push to vaccinate nursing home residents and staff that has unfolded across the U.S. over the course of late December and January appears to be having some effect, at least in the number of COVID-19 cases among residents. Full story »

Long-term care could use a new vanguard

McKnight's LTCN (02/15/2021) – Much has improved since I began covering this field in 1990. Care capabilities have improved tremendously. Quality is no longer an afterthought. Operators have more data- and business-savvy than ever. Full story »

COVID-19 shows need for new nursing home model — but that won’t happen without new operators, investors

Skilled Nursing News (02/15/2021) – Operators of skilled nursing facilities for years have dealt with the aging post-acute and long-term care infrastructure across the U.S., coping with problems ranging from multi-resident rooms to poor plumbing to outdated building design. Full story »

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