Exercise Might Help Protect the Aging Brain From Alzheimer’s, Study Suggests

Gizmodo (09/18/2019) – People at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease may be able to slow down the atrophy of their brains through regular aerobic exercise, a new study has found. The findings are a spot of good news for dealing with a disease that has proven seemingly impossible to treat. Full story »

Nursing Homes Are a Breeding Ground for a Fatal Fungus

NY Times (09/13/2019) – Maria Davila lay mute in a nursing home bed, an anguished expression fixed to her face, as her husband stroked her withered hand. Ms. Davila, 65, suffers from a long list of ailments — respiratory failure, kidney disease, high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat — and is kept alive by a gently beeping ventilator and a feeding tube. Full story »

Vast majority of dementia patients don’t receive specialty diagnosis and care, study finds

Medical Xpress (09/04/2019) – In the first large study to examine the diagnosis of dementia in older Americans over time, researchers found the vast majority never meet with a dementia specialist and are instead overwhelmingly diagnosed and cared for by non-specialists. Full story »

Starving seniors: How America fails to feed its aging

Kaiser Health News (09/03/2019) – Army veteran Eugene Milligan is 75 years old and blind. He uses a wheelchair since losing half his right leg to diabetes and gets dialysis for kidney failure. And he has struggled to get enough to eat. Full story »

High-fat diet in utero protects against Alzheimer’s later, study shows in mice

Medical Xpress (08/27/2019) – A high-fat diet can carry health risks, but for mothers-to-be, it may make all the difference when it comes to Alzheimer's disease prevention for their children. In a report published online August 26 in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University show for the first time in animals that high maternal fat consumption during gestation protects offspring against changes in the brain that are characteristic of late-onset Alzheimer's disease. Full story »

Could targeting variants of this gene help fight Alzheimer’s disease?

Medical News Today (08/21/2019) – Scientists have identified gene variants that appear able to alter the risk of Alzheimer's disease by changing levels of a protein that is present in cerebrospinal fluid. Full story »

Video of police chief singing at nursing home goes viral

McKnight's (08/22/2019) – A police chief has garnered thousands of views on social media thanks to a video of him singing to a group of residents at a skilled nursing facility. Darlington Police Chief Jason King’s aunt and uncle are residents at the Lafayette Manor, a 64-bed SNF in Darlington, WI. After being asked to sing at the facility by his aunt, King decided to schedule an event for residents and sing to them on Saturday. Full story »

Napping more? That could be an early symptom of Alzheimer’s, new study says

USA Today (08/18/2019) – Increased, excessive napping could be an early warning of Alzheimer's disease, according to research published in the peer-reviewed journal Alzheimer's & Dementia on Monday. Full story »

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