Update Internet Explorer NOW to protect long-term care data

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Update Internet Explorer to protect long-term care data security

It’s official: Microsoft Internet Explorer is finally dead. Technically the browser’s older versions died out long ago, but — much like relentlessly menacing zombies — they continue to shuffle aimlessly around corporate offices and long-term care facilities, threatening to devour important company data and protected health information (PHI). Now, after … Read More

SimpleLTC apps not vulnerable to Shellshock Bash bug

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SimpleLTC web apps and API not vulnerable to Shellshock Bash bug

There’s another computer security vulnerability making news and this time it’s the Shellshock Bash bug. You can expect an increase in public alarm as more information emerges, especially in light of recent data breaches at Home Depot, Target and Community Health Systems. SimpleLTC is aware of the Shellshock issue and … Read More