Tips for the PBJ pro: PBJ reporting is back on track

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After a bumpy three-month ride, PBJ reporting is back on track for the quarter. In late March, CMS issued a staffing data submission waiver due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. On June 25, that waiver ended – which means PBJ reporting requirements for the quarter are back in effect. … Read More

CMS UPDATE: New guidance on PBJ reporting waiver

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SimpleLTC has received new details from CMS regarding its recent PBJ reporting waiver. The original PBJ reporting waiver (issued two weeks ago) stated that nursing facilities do not have to submit Q1 (Jan. 1–Mar. 31) data by May 15. We reached out to CMS for additional clarification, which CMS provided … Read More

PBJ reporting waiver issued by CMS

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CMS has issued a waiver for PBJ Reporting this quarter (Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 staffing data due May 15) to provide relief to facilities during the COVID-19 crisis. The waiver reads: “Staffing Data Submission: CMS is waiving 42 CFR 483.70(q) to provide relief to long term care facilities on … Read More

CMS moves the goalposts for Staffing Five-Star ratings

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Many facilities will lose a Staffing star due to CMS’ increased emphasis on RNs in Staffing Five-Star ratings In its March letter to State Survey Agency Directors and related updates to the Five-Star Users Guide, CMS announced a series of changes to Nursing Home Compare and Five-Star ratings, including: Changes to the … Read More

Weekends are now made for PBJ

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In its recent letter to State Survey directors, CMS announced an increased focus on nurse staffing levels and sharing of Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data with state survey agencies. States will be notified of underperforming facilities, for issues including: Facilities with “low” nurse staffing on weekends Facilities showing days without an on-site RN (possible … Read More